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The way the royal commission inquiry was conducted, I was skeptical, whether it will end up as ‘it looks me,dances like me,speaks like me, eats like me’ but it is not I. The members of the commission must be congratulated for a job well done.

Badawi has the best possible avenue to put matters right and at the same time to make the judiciary recognised as being upright. For that all involved must be punished, no mercy here, because individuals by the greed for fame and money resorted to doing things unheard of in the judiciary. That includes even the former Prime Minister and the Minister who leaked out what went on in the Prime Minister’s department. They were all part of the grand scheme to undermine the righteousness of the judiciary.

If this is not done, the judiciary will always be looked upon as corrupt, inefficient and comprised of people with doubtful characters.

I refer to the Malaysiakini report Correct, correct, correct, it’s Fairuz.

The prime minister now has to ‘walk the talk’ to restore the already battered judiciary. It is proven that the judiciary is riddled with corruption following evidence exposed before the Lingam Tape royal commission.

The first thing that the government should do and can do is to suspend immediately all the judges that were named during the royal commission inquiry.

The next step is to form an independent investigation body to look into the possible charges that can be brought against these people.. The Bar Council must play a part here to help form this independent body.

Let’s be very objective here. After hearing the involvement of the Anti-Corruption Agency and the massive cover-up attempted over this whole affair, do you really think we have faith in the investigations abilities of the ACA or the Attorney-General’s Chambers?

Do not forget, there were police reports on the VK Lingam saga before and we have heard enough of the blatant incompetence of the authorities’ investigations.

Do you think that the present Attorney-General should be given the discretion to prosecute or not? Honestly, I have no faith in that present office that was appointed during the tenure of the former prime minister.

Apart from hunting down corrupt judges, politicians and businessmen, we must put right what has been done unjustly and wrong. Real people have suffered under these corrupt judges and justice demands that the misdeeds must be corrected.

Are we just going to turn a blind eye to the wrong doing in the Ayer Molek case and just tell them ‘too bad’? Are we going to tell Wee Choo Keong ‘tough luck, buddy’? Are we just going to tell MGG Pillai’s estate ‘better luck next time’?

We have heard enough of the favours former chief justice Ahmad Fairuz did for the previous government under the former PM.

As for VK Lingam, please do not forget that this man. What we saw are the cases that he handled personally. The evidence of Loh Mui Fah and Loh Gwo Burn says it all.

I hope Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is serious and will not let this be yet another one of his half-hearted attempts to correct what is and has been manifestly wrong.

Lingam tape: There must be restitution


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  1. Dear Prime Minister,

    If you think you owe the moronic ex-PM a favor, I would suggest you retire gracefully and let Anwar Ibrahim and his team take over. In this case, you will be remembered as the catalyst to reformation in a new Malaysia just like Musa Hitam is remembered as a true democrat. This is the only way forward for this country to restore all the pillars or institutions destroyed by the moron MM. If you withdraw gracefully, Anwar and his team will know how to deal with all the impending issues confronting us without fear and favor.

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