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Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim, has surely been inflicted by mental block, being away from Ministerial duties for some time now. First it was Parental Approval, an approach that smelled to high heaven and now Interpol. Come on Rais you can do better than this. Are you pretending to believe that the 119 women were naive, pure stupid, without direction, silly to be just taken up by promises of lucrative jobs. Your assessment of Malaysian women, to say the least, is beyond compare. Parental approval, being cheated by international syndicates are only your imagination at top gear. Women are much more smarter than you think. Do you imagine a woman travelling overseas, intend on landing a lucrative job, is so stupid, that she will carry substance that is illegal. You don’t know women do you. They are not gullible, stupid, and innocent to carry something illegal. They cannot be forced.

Have you checked on the backgrounds of these 119 women, how often they have travelled overseas, and for what reason, and then decide whether they are innocent as you believe.

International syndicates don’t operate the way you believe they do. They don’t wait at the airport, eying single woman travelling, or meet them elsewhere promise them a good job, and then viola, pass on the drugs to them. These women are experienced carriers who have benefited from earlier trips, and if they are caught, it is because of the vigilance of the authorities or because of informants.

Please do some homework before making statements which comes under the category of uneducated guesswork.

LONDON: Malaysia will seek Interpol’s help to track down international syndicates that have tricked local women into smuggling drugs into foreign countries.

Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said the Government wanted to find the masterminds and intermediaries or agents involved in such activities.

“We also want to know how the women were duped into accepting lucrative jobs but ended up violating the laws,” he said after meeting 24 heads of Malaysian missions in Europe over the weekend.

Dr Rais was commenting on reports that 119 Malaysian women were being detained in foreign prisons, mostly for drug trafficking.

He confirmed that 10 of them were in Spain, adding that most of them were unsuspecting young women who were lured into get-rich-quick jobs in foreign countries.

The minister reminded parents to pay more attention to their children’s welfare, especially young women who travel abroad on their own.

Dr Rais said the women, particularly those below 25, were easily attracted by promises of high-paying jobs but ended up getting involved in illegal activities.

“We want to create greater awareness among the people to be wary of such job offers and not to be taken in by empty promises,” he added.

He said Malaysian missions abroad would continue to provide advice and assistance to those detained.

M’sia seeking Interpol’s help, says Rais


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