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17 people have died. In China, in a train accident, 70 people died, the Chief of the Railways, his assistant and a Communist Party leader were sacked. Here in Malaysia 17 people died, and Najib says, the program cannot be stopped as many parties are involved. It is a tall order to stop the National Service, what will the people do who provide the services. Commerce or death, you decide.

On NS deaths: Are you parents dead too?

Worried And Angry Malaysian Parent: I am totally shocked and dismayed to hear of yet again another tragic case of students becoming victims of National Service. I am flabbergasted and unhappy to see that even though numerous cases of trainees having perished, the authorities concerned do not seem to learn through their past mistakes. And all this at the tragic expense of our poor children who sacrificed their lives and who are at the mercy of the government and the ministries concerned.

I demand that the National Service, due to its failure in ensuring the safety and health of the trainees, be scrapped with immediate effect. The public, especially the worrying parents who sent their children to attend the camps, just have had enough of this scam.

The deputy prime minister – as head of the ministries overseeing the running of NS – ought to assume full responsibility and be accountable for the failure that has taken numerous lives. I therefore call for him to resign from his post as DPM for this shameful, deplorable and unforgivable act of negligence.

No amount of regret or apologies or pointing of fingers to his deputies will absolve the DPM from absolving himself of such responsibility.

NS deaths: Hold Najib accountable


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