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The former Mentri Besar of Selangor, did not mince his words, when he said clearly that the fine of RM330,000 against PKNS for clearing the land around Bukit Cahaya was placed in the state coffin. Yes it went inside the coffin to be buried six feet underground – it is interesting to know whether there are other coffins of this nature buried deep into the ground. This PKNS and Balkis stories are good reading materials, for the people of Selangor and in general for all Malaysians. Read it here.

As a result of the article in the Sun newspaper on line, R.Nadeswaran was interviewed by the Police and also received a quick reply from PKNS.

R.Nadeswaran just chuckled, but be prepared you may want to laugh your guts out, tears streaming down your eyes, and end up with a tummy-ache. You have been fore-warned.

When the witness becomes the accused

Give us the truth, not the chaff


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