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Congratulations Khalid, with Samy Vellu’s exit there was no sympathetic ears for the toll operators. But you have fitted the place very well. So, Mister Toll Man, please tell me, are you the advocate for Grand Saga, or are you representing the suffering residents of Cheras. Anyone who is protecting the interests of the toll collectors, becomes anti-people, who have suffered paying money, suffered inconvenience and worst of all made to pay for something which Samy Vellu explained is an improvement to traffic controls. So Khalid you decide.

Meanwhile, during a press briefing in Shah Alam, Selangor Menteri Besar Khalid Ibrahim was asked about the Mahkota Cheras toll issue.

“These are among the many ongoing crises which we’ve had to look into ever since taking over. Here, you have two conflicting parties.

“One party wants the access road and not pay toll while the toll concessionaire feels if everyone uses this road, their toll collection will be reduced.

“But the Selangor government is of the opinion that if the barrier is owned by the state government then the barrier cannot be allowed,” he said.

He said that exco member Ronnie Liu would be leading a state team for a meeting with concessionaire Grand Saga and the Public Works Department before the end of the month.

“While privatisation is a necessity, this must not be done at the expense of the local residents or be a burden to them. As such, we are suggesting a dialogue to find a workable solution for all the parties involved.

Cheras residents in stand-off to protect toll-free road



  1. I thought of a solution.
    Might be permanent. might be temporary.
    I think Grand Saga is legally bound to let the smaller access road (that runs parallel to the highway) to remain open


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