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<b><i>THE MALAYSIAN</i></b>: <b><FONT COLOR=#808000><center>Non-Malays Need Not Fear Congress, Says Muhyiddin</center></FONT></b>

Thank you The Malaysian for this posting.

Non-Malays Need Not Fear Congress, Says Muhyiddin

Non-Malays need not feel their rights are being infringed by the recent resolution adopted during a congress consisting of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) calling for Malay privileges to be upheld.
Umno vice-president Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin said Kongres Permuafakatan Melayu, which concluded in Johor Baru over the weekend, was an expression of the perception held by the NGOs that their rights had been eroded.
He added that the Government and Umno needed to take note of the situation and not take things lightly.
“They feel that their rights are being less fought for by the Government and they want attention to be given.
“But non-Malays should not feel threatened. There is no taking away the rights of any race,” he told reporters yesterday.
“Maybe, they feel the current Umno leadership is not being seen as giving the due attention. We accept their resolution with an open heart,” he added.
On Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah going on a nationwide road show to garner support from Umno’s 3.4 million members in his bid for the presidency, Muhyiddin said it was the Gua Musang MP’s right to do so.
“It is up to him to contest for the party president because it does not go against the party constitution,” he added. (The Star)

***** To the non-Malays please do not worry. These Malay NGOs are merely concerned we are not doing enough for them despite the fact that the very existence of our party, Umno, is hinged upon pleasing these begging bowl carrying, greedy group of vultures found all over the country. But basically, they’re a harmless lot. All that these dimwits want are a few more freebies, that’s all. At least you guys know what it means to work hard and earn a living. These poor chaps are in a way terribly handicapped and have survived on handouts for decades. So you have to pity them.

Non-Malays please bear with us if you feel that we’ve not done enough for you people. Blame the MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the others for that. It’s not an easy task to please everyone, but look at the bright side. At least we gave you citizenship fifty years ago. That must count for something, right?

So once in a while we brandish a keris or two, scream ‘ketuanan Melayu’ loudly and make veiled threats of a bloodbath. But hey we don’t mean it. Just part and parcel of our sandiwara-style politics, you see. Please continue to place your faith in us and more importantly do not ever, ever trust Pakatan Rakyat. We in Umno don’t trust them and nor should you.

THE MALAYSIAN: Non-Malays Need Not Fear Congress, Says Muhyiddin


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