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Continuing with my Parental Approval saga, there is yet further news from the originator of this ingenious certificate, a first in the world, adding another feather to the cap of Malaysia Boleh. Seeing that the first proposal of his has hit a snag and realising he has made enemies of the woman folk in Malaysia, he defends himself not with a sword and armour, but with ‘smart talk’ yeah, I only was referring to women under 21. He is smart, worthy of a Foreign Minister, and perhaps including all woman was a mistake, but if the girls can be categorised above 21 and below 21 the blunder may go unnoticed. But the problem is, the second statement leads to more blunders and he will wish he had never made the statement in the first place.

The New Straits Times reports that the girls involved are between the ages of 21 and 27, there exists the possibility of yet another statement, ‘what I meant was those under 27’. Good work Rais.

This same report says that the Home Ministry feels the same about obtaining Parental Approval certificates, as quoted by Rais, and he I feel stepped hard on the toes of Hamid the Home Minister, who clarifies that Rais might have been throwing ideas. Did Rais really consult the Home Ministry?

Only God knows.

Another somersault, apparently Rais meant not letters but guidance, sinking further into the mud pool of deception, when first he said a letter.

And finally a parting shot, sour grapes, okaylah you don’t to listen let your own children get involved. My grandmother could have made a better statement.

JAKARTA, May 5 (Bernama) — Malaysian Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim clarified here Monday that his proposal for Malaysian women to show a consent letter from their family or employer before travelling out of the country alone was only meant for those below 21 years of age.
“There’s some misunderstanding. I was referring to boys and girls who travel on their own, especially those below 21 years old and are still subject to the supervision of their parents. Women above 21 years old are adult enough.
“But for those below 21, it’s only fair that parental guidance be given,” he told reporters at a press conference here at the end of his working visit to Indonesia Monday.
Rais said it need not necessarily be papers or letters of declaration as that would be a big hindrance.
“What I meant was those below 21 should be guided; parents should ask questions why they wanted to go to Venezuela or why they wanted to go to Spain. Parents should know where their children are going,” he said.
Rais said he only had good intention for those who travelled alone overseas, especially children.
“But if this is regarded by human rightists to be against human rights, wait until their own children get into trouble,” he said.

Consent Letter Proposal Only For Women Travellers Below 21, Says Rais ::

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