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Speaker told not to be a ‘dictator’

What a childish answer to a good question for automatic voters registration. Countries like New Zealand do it. It is the responsibility of the Election Commission to ensure every one who is eligible votes. Not the other way round, where you have to register. Some may say it is the voters duty to get registered. But knowing the way the Election Commission works, it makes it as if registering as a voter is a privilege, and the EC decides what is to be done rather than vice versa. The EC is a servant to the voters, so to speak. Without voters there is no EC.

The complications are just imagination of the Prime Minister. The details are on line and I think every voter is savvy enough to find or ask somebody for help. The voter knows where he has to vote and if he can’t make it, that’s is, that’s all – no voting.

The image business is a laugh. The world knows our inefficiency and short coming in out electoral rolls, there is no comment on this.

Fear of being exposed is the main reason why a royal commission is not agreed to. Rashid and gang will be exposed. Our Prime Minister is a good friend of Rashid, but lately, there is some friction, Rashid did not keep to his bargain to ensure Barisan Nasional won hands down in the last election.

No’ to automatic voters registration system

abdullah ahmad badawi pak lah civil servants forum 280108 talkingPrime Minister Abdullah also has turned down the suggestion to implement an automatic voters registration system for about four million youths who are yet to register as voters.

In a written reply to Liew Chin Tong (DAP-Bukit Bendera) today, the premier said the system will lead to a few “complications” to the voters themselves, if implemented.

This include the possibility of confusion on where the voters shall cast their votes if they do not update the latest residential address with the national registration department, or resulting in a lower turnout if the voting centre located too far away from their registered residential address.

“In view of that, we are worried that the voting turnout will reduce and affect our country’s image in the eyes of the international community. Based on this, the Election Commission is not ready to implement the automatic registration system,” Abdullah said in the reply.

The premier also indirectly shot down Liew’s suggestion for a royal commission on electoral reform, saying any unsatisfied party with the election process can challenge the process through election petition in court.

Speaker told not to be a ‘dictator’


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