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Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim has hit the nail squarely on the head. I suggest the consent must be in written form, done in duplicate, with the parents retaining a copy and the woman travelling given the original. He can even go further by instructing the Immigration, Customs, Police, the Airport authorities to check on this document, which I call ‘Parental Approval’ for want of a matter name. So now for all travelling women, they will carry besides the International Passport, the Parental Approval certificate or PA. For fear the PA may be misused, it is suggested, the telephone numbers of the parents be included in the PA; there will be woman trying to forge the PA or buy a PA, the authorities can refer back to the parents to confirm the document is authentic.

Secondly, we can have snoop squads like JAIS, RELA, and Concerned Citizens, stopping woman at all border points, as usual our Police, Customs and Immigration have close one eye problems, to ensure the success of PA.

To give more muscle power to the use of PA I also suggest, Parliament gets involved, and a law is gazetted for official use of PA. It will be ideal for a new Ministry of PA (don’t confuse it with AP, Miti or Rafidah) to be created and some poor soul who was left out as a Minister in the new set up be given the chance to host this new Ministry. It will be ideal for the VIP now involved in tickling a woman’s torso. While on this, I cannot understand why Police must investigate this incident, obviously this VIP is attracted to anything being rounded, or perhaps he was rubbing away the cigar ash of his own on the woman’s bottom. What a butt joke.

Even before introducing the PA, I can imagine the system being a hit to prevent woman from going astray. Can this be extended to all women, please Sir, Foreign Minister, can you do the needful. These woman have too much of freedom, going to the movie they say and eventually find them chit-chatting with friends. PA will stop this. We can extend this even to school girls and ultimately, all women are covered. Going out, where is your PA. How effective.

There is the possibility that woman would cheat by giving false information, can this PA’s be notarised in front of a Magistrate or JP or Commissioner-of-Oaths. How about printing official PA booklets, some can become rich. Nasimuddin the Naza King did so with the AP’s.

This PA thingy can be introduced for men, but come on, do men go astray – unheard of.

KUALA KLAWANG, May 3 (Bernama) — Local women intending to travel alone abroad may need family consent in a bid to prevent them from being used as ‘drug mules’ by international syndicates.
Foreign Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim said a proposal to this effect would be made soon, following several incidents where the women were used to smuggle drugs overseas.
Out of 119 cases of Malaysian women hauled up before foreign courts, he said his ministry detected 90 per cent as being linked to drugs.
“Last night, my ministry, together with the home ministry, have jointly forwarded a report to the Cabinet on the matter.
“Both ministries agreed that factors like family, religion, immigration laws and preventive measures need to be considered before a Malaysian woman goes abroad alone,” Rais told reporters after officiating the Malaysian Silambam Association’s Jelebu branch here Saturday.
On the proposed requirement of family consent, he said it would enable the woman’s family to monitor her departure and serve as a preventive measure against being duped by international drug syndicates.
Rais said a family should know the purpose of a woman’s trip as to whether it was for study, business or other reasons.
“We are not sure the call will be taken up but we think it is an early necessary step to protect our citizens and safeguard the country’s image,” he added.
Asked what assistance his ministry could provide if local women were caught, Rais said: “We can only give advice and guidance to their families as we cannot interfere in or influence the laws of the country concerned.”
Cases of local women caught in foreign countries for drug smuggling after being duped by international drug syndicates have parents worried here.
Recently, local newspapers reported that two Malaysian women, Norfaizura Azura Md Lias, 28, and Dayang Sakienah Mat Lazim, 20, were detained in Malta for allegedly smuggling drugs.

Foreign Ministry Proposes Local Women Get Family Consent To Travel Abroad Alone ::

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