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Yesterday it was the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, RM 60769 per day and now this. Gerakan’s Yap Soo Sun must be using an out-dated calendar that shows February ends the year, can somebody tell him it is definitely not. By February the state allocations run dry. He must have been super duper efficient spending nearly half a million in 2 months. The people in Teratai must be bluffing, what no Thaipusam, Chinese New Year celebrations, but did anybody ask the cronies and friends of Yap – I am sure grand parties were held in a private club or facility; invitation over the phone good enough-lah.


KUALA LUMPUR: Teratai state assemblywoman Jenice Lee of DAP is demanding to know how her predecessor, Gerakan’s Yap Soo Sun, was able to spend RM494,350 in state allocations in 44 days.

Jenice Lee.

Jenice Lee.

Lee was flabbergasted when she found out from the Land Office that the bulk of Teratai constituency’s RM500,000 annual state allocation had been exhausted by Feb 13, the same day parliament was dissolved.
(District Land Offices disburse state allocations for constituencies).
This leaves Lee with only RM5,650 to see to the needs of her constituents for the rest of the year.
Lee suspects “foul play” as RM275,000 went to a small company, with links to a politician.

The company is involved in diversified businesses, including construction, catering, cleaning, waste disposal, distribution of stationery, clothes, and office equipment.
Further investigations revealed that the company’s registered business address is a plain-looking house in Kampung Baru, Cheras.
“Although event management is not in any portfolios carried out by this company, most of the payments approved by Yap to it were made out for that particular service,” Lee said.
“Hundreds of thousands were paid to the company within the span of 44 days for the apparent purpose of organising Thaipusam and Chinese New Year celebrations, but ask any resident and they will tell you that there were no such events,” she said.
A similar response was received when the New Straits Times spoke to two long-time residents of the area.
R. Jegathesan, 50, a Teratai resident of 30 years, said in all his years of living in the area, he had never heard of a state-sponsored Thaipusam celebration.
A similar response about Chinese New Year celebrations was given by Tan Lai Ming, a hawker and resident of 15 years.
Also revealed was RM95,000 given to a sports and recreational club in Taman Melur.
Lee said she would file a report with the Anti-Corruption Agency.
Former assemblyman Yap could not be contacted for a response.

The New Straits Times Online…..

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