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To the aficionados of V.S.Naipaul, now Sir V.S.Naipaul, you would remember reading in the novel The Suffrage of Elvira the bible and the key anecdote. This concerns Mr & Mrs Bakshes, the tailor and his brood of 7 children. One of the younger boys smuggled a mongrel puppy into the house, without the knowledge of the parents at night, and to catch the boy who did it, Mrs Bakshes resorts to the bible and key procedure. This procedure is simple. Two people hold a key by the tip of the middle finger, and a bible is hung over the key. The children line up one after the other and the mother says ‘By Saint Peter, Saint Paul, so and so brought the dog’. If the bible moves or the key turns when a name is mentioned, that person is the culprit. Easy way is it not to find the accused. My mother had this trick, in an altered form, in the by-gone days with myself, brothers and sisters to find defaulters. But over the period time this effective and simple method has been lost. To my readers who are wondering how the heck this works, remember to volunteer to go in first, at which point of time the middle finger is still strong enough to hold the heavy bible, and the followers one of them is ‘sure kena one’ caused by the weight to the finger. Being the eldest I knew the trick, and sure did hood wink my mother. She is around, I must apologise to her.

So, what is this ‘sure kena one’. Reading any news in the press or listening to any gossip or true happening Malaysians are very fast to deliver the verdict. The verdict comes first then the investigation. Life is not so complicated if you do thus.

Coming to the case quoted below, the public had, the day the news was read had drawn their conclusions, ‘sure kena one’. Now new facts are being exposed, the VIP had declared his two brothers are made councillors and then left the meeting, but this was not said in the minutes, but added later on after 1 year 6 months – June 2004 to December 2005. Please bear with us Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail, the ‘sure kena one’ mentality has now been whetted by the new revelation and I am sure you can bring this story to a natural ending. Thank you.

PETALING JAYA: Attorney-General Tan Sri Gani Patail has refuted allegations by former Lenggeng state assemblyman Datuk Ishak Ismail that Gani ordered investigations involving Negri Sembilan Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Mohamad Hassan to be closed.

Gani said he never saw the investigation papers but nevertheless would take full responsibility.

“My officer investigated the matter and found no case and ordered the investigations to cease.

“I will, however, reserve my rights and am considering my rights as a private individual by taking legal action with regard to the allegations against me,” he said.

The former assemblyman had said that no action was taken by the Attorney-General’s chambers following his report with the Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) alleging that Mohamad had abused his power by appointing his two brothers as councillors in 2004.

Documents made available to The Star revealed that Mohammad had on June 30, 2004, while chairing a state executive council meeting declared that two of his brothers had been appointed as councillors.

Mohammad then left the meeting but his declaration was not reflected in the minutes of the meeting.

It was only on Dec 30, 2005, that the matter was added into the minutes.

It is learnt the ACA, after being tipped off some nine months after the minutes had been recorded in 2005, initiated an investigation.

Based on the investigation, the officers found insufficient evidence of abuse of power by Mohamad.

A-G refutes claim he ordered probe on MB closed


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