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Najib’s wife: Internet stories about me not true

From this we know that:

  • She is unable to say what the allegations are against her, as, quite a number of them are being circulated
  • She won’t take kindly to people accusing her directly, remember she is the wife of whom
  • She should have responded to any allegation made right at the beginning, delaying it, arouses more suspicion and speculation
  • Referring to God is is a double-edged sword, it works in both directions

Rosmah Mansor has slammed those who posted slanderous allegations about her on the Internet, stating they were not true and those who needed clarifications should ask her directly.
“Whatever you read on the Internet, don’t telan bulat-bulat (take it as it is),” the Star quoted the deputy prime minister’s wife as saying today.
batu talam by election 220107 rosmah“I guarantee that all the stories on the Internet about me are not true,” she said in her speech at a charity event in Kuala Lumpur last night.

Don’t believe them
Rosmah was responding to certain allegations about her published recently on the Internet and expressed disappointment that some resorted to deceit.
However, she did not detail the allegations against her.
“When I am patient and quiet, people resort to slander. I kept quiet previously thinking that people can decide for themselves but now even ridiculous stories are being believed.
Fitnah (Slander) is not a small sin that can be easily forgiven especially when it involves trying to bring disrepute to others,” she said.
“Don’t believe those who use deceit to get positions. They are willing to fool the community to get what they want. May Allah forgive them and may they return to the right path,” Rosmah added.

Najib’s wife: Internet stories about me not true

One Comment

  1. Well this lady is the modern version of Marie Antoinette the wife of Louis XI King of France before the revolution.
    Like Marie Antoinette she will be the downfall of Najib and mark my word for it.
    She is schemeing and ruthless, but less than brainy. She does not count the consequences, under fire by RPK and even Khairy she does not realise that she is only beign used to mark time.
    She does not have the personality to become the next first lady and the only thing left to do is to discard of the is lump of rubbish.-

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