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Toyo believes in blaming everything under the sun, and believes he is the only good soul in the whole of UMNO and the country that dedicated his life for the good of Malaysia. He is arrogant and beliefs his listeners are imbeciles. I don’t know how long he is going to live with the lie that he is perfect while others are so, so.

Lets take his shameful act of presenting a broom to the Klang Municipal Council president and the Hulu Selangor District Council. Now he comes with another nonsensical reason perhaps, he should have gift wrapped the broom. What difference would that have made. A shoe or a broom is considered unclean and for this reason you don’t give that as a present. For some to be hit with this article is a shame and many curse words are in reference to these. He will never understand the implication unless he faces the same predicament but no one is going to be a fool to behave like him.

He blames Hishamuddin, Samy Vellu, Badawi and a host of others for Barisan Nasional not doing in the elections, but he is clean. Dream on Toyo, for if you are going to behave like this, you are going to make enough enemies and this maybe your swan song for an early retirement from politics.

exclusive The keris-waving incident that sparked an uproar among non-Malays may have contributed to the poor performance of Umno and Barisan Nasional (BN) in the March 8 polls, said former Selangor Menteri Besar Dr Mohd Khir Toyo.
Khir said it had created negative perceptions of Umno and possibly caused the swing in non-Malay votes towards the opposition.
khir toyo interview 280408 03“We must admit our mistakes. If we don’t, the rakyat will call us arrogant,” he said in an interview.
Umno Youth head Hishammuddin Hussein had made an apology of sorts last week for drawing out and kissing a keris at the Umno Youth assembly last year.

He has since been criticised by party leaders like vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin and Umno Cheras division head Syed Ali Al-Habshee, who are of the view that the tradition should not be questioned by non-Malays.
Khir believe that if the gesture is offensive in some quarters and is seen to send out negative signals, then it should be stopped.
However, he discounted the notion that the broom incident also had an impact in causing the fall of Selangor to Pakatan Rakyat in the general election.
“Take a look at other states, they did not have similar incidents, yet they (too) lost. This is all part of the denial syndrome that we are suffering from and this is a huge problem for the party,” he argued.
khir toyo broom awardKhir had handed over brooms to under-achieving civil servants at an event for Selangor government staff last year.
In his defence, he said this was done to force civil servants to be more efficient in serving the people.
“When the people came to me and complained about the poor performance of civil servants and (this was also) highlighted in the media, I felt restless and worried. As a representative of the people, I will of course take action,” he said.
The only mistake, he conceded, was “not to (gift-)wrap the broom”.

Khir Toyo: Blame the keris, not the broom


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