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What a terrible let down for the people hoping to have changes in Suhakam; has the Government lost its direction or is it a ‘tit for tat’ reaction, you complain about an ineffective body let’s see what you can do. It could be that, but don’t forget this entity has lost its direction and in no way champions Human Rights. It has become an extension to support whatever Human Rights dereliction the government does. Suhakam has become a propagator to misuse of human rights issue and it has no independent views to eradicate such misuse. They are paid well by the Government, RM 7,000 and a Perdana car with bills paid, and this income will stop when the Government things they are not doing what they should so, subtly promote Human Rights abuse; or else there is no extension. All the people involved must search their conscience, have their honestly done their jobs to eradicate Human Rights misuse or otherwise. If they accept the extension they are not worthy of what they did in the past as eminent people. One mistake can wipe away your past services you have done, your Suhakam service is suspect.

They are aware their reports have not been tabled in Parliament, and it begs the question, how effective you are. Would you want to continue.

One of your members investigating an human rights issue, makes a decision that the individual has been treated well – this is based on reports given by people who treated this person. Will the people responsible say ‘we are sorry’ – the irony being the person involved was not even seen. I don’t know whether video recordings were seen, but, how on earth do you confirm a person is healthy and well just based on what you hear. Surely you must see the person, is it not. What did Talib Othman do to correct this anomaly or he is not aware of this. The sick person I believe has been send to IJN.

Why did this member gloat over this particular issue, was he afraid he won’t be re-appointed again. Sometimes your conscience is more valuable than the money. Can I say anything more.

16 Suhakam Commissioners Reappointed

KUALA LUMPUR, April 29 (Bernama) — Sixteen Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam) commissioners have been reappointed to serve another two-year term ending April 2010.
Their reappointment was in accordance with the provisions under subsection 5 (1) of the Suhakam Act 1999, a statement from the Deputy Prime Minister’s Office said Tuesday.
They are Tan Sri Abu Talib Othman, Tan Sri Simon Sipaun, Dr Chiam Heng Keng, Dr Mohammad Hirman Ritom, Tan Sri Asiah Abu Samah, Datuk Dr Raj Abdul Karim, Datuk Dr Abdul Monir Yaacob, Datuk N. Siva Subramaniam, Datuk Choo Siew Kioh, Tunku Datuk Nazihah Tunku Mohamed Rus, Prof Emeritus Datuk Dr Khoo Kay Kim, Datin Paduka Zaitoon Othman, Datuk Dr Denison Jayasooria, Datuk Dr Michael Oon Kheng Yeoh, Datuk Khalid Ibrahim and Datuk Muhammad Shafee Abdullah.
There were also is no new appointments but the government reserved the right to review Suhakam’s requirements from time to time and appoint additional commissioners if the need arose, it said.
The Government also thanked former commissioners whose two-year term expired this year.

16 Suhakam Commissioners Reappointed ::

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