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I did know Samy Vellu was a disciple of Dale Carnegie. If he is, then the proverb, slightly altered to ‘What’s sauce for Hishamuddin is also sauce of for Samy Vellu’; is appropriate. Samy has not apologised to the Indians for the injustice that was perpetuated by him for more than 3 decades. Would he do so now?

You either except the apology or not, not respect it. As a passing note, Hisham never said he would not repeat the kris waving, perhaps if UMNO is not in shambles as it is now, he may attempt it again. Time will tell.

In IPOH, MIC president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu described Hishammuddin’s open apology to all Malaysians if the kris issue had nudged their sentiments, as gentlemanly and befitting a good young leader.
It was also in line with the principle put forward by famous author Dale Carnegie in one of his well-known books, “How to Win Friends and Influence People”, he said.
“He is a gentleman, a good young leader. He follows the principle of Dane Carnegie who said that ‘if you are wrong, admit it quickly and emphatically’ but I must say Datuk Seri Hishammuddin is an effective and very good leader.
“Without him, I don’t think today we would have built 41 Tamil schools in one go. This was the money that he gave when I was Minister for Works,” he told reporters at the Evertronics Skill Development Centre in Wisma Wan Mohammad.
Samy Vellu said all parties should now respect the appeal for apology and not to raise the issue again.
“When somebody say I am sorry we should just keep quite after that, we should not talk anything further. If we talk further, we don’t respect the apology,” he said.
When asked to comment on Hishammuddin who is Education Minister, offering the apology only now, Samy Vellu said: “Never mind. You see, after the Second World War after the death of so many million people, the Emperor of Japan said ‘I am sorry’. What is wrong if Hishammuddin said it after six months or 12 months or 15 months. He has said it, that is more important”.

Apology Over Kris Won’t Derogate Malay Dignity, Says Najib ::


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