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MIC Youth: Explain why Hindraf 5 not freed

In a nutshell the MIC Youth outlines the decisions made at the two-day MIC brainstorming session held in Penang. For a youth movement, I thought they will have dynamic ideas, earth-shattering pronouncements that would turn around the working of the party to meet new strategies after the dismal failure in the elections. I am looking at the wrong place. The youth are just repeating what Samy Vellu has been advocating and surely the idea of the session was to reinforce the might of Samy Vellu and continue running MIC as he chooses. The youth and puteri movements will faithfully ‘jalra’ (a percussion instrument tapped to make easy accompaniment) the music of their President.

  • release the Hindraf 5
  • religious conversion
  • education, employment, contracts, business activities
  • toll-free line
  • E-Team

Why is the Youth so muddled in their thoughts. A Tamil saying ‘covering the body before or after lying on bed, would make no difference’, is what they are doing. Will Puteri follow suit?

Will releasing the 5 make the Indians love MIC. There are many calls for the release, and this is one part by the MIC, nothing extraordinary. If they had said we will fight tooth and nail to stop the misery of families affected by the conversions, forced or otherwise, this would be a new thought. Will MIC do this? Opportunities are a dream to the Indians as of now, nothing concrete has been done, could not the Youth go further and clarify how they propose overseeing these. Samy has beaten you to this, I mean the phone communication, nothing has come out so far although Samy spoke about RM 30,000 budget to implement this. He must be getting the approval from Telecoms, in a long winded way, as the public can get this done in a day. The MIC web page shows the last entry on March 3, has everything come to a stand still after that.

So the MIC youth can have many more brainstorming sessions and if there is not much substance there, forget about improving the image of MIC.

Are the Youth dullards, that they can’t pinpoint the weakness of MIC – the change of the President and his group of leaders. Only fresh blood can bring in changes.

MIC Youth: Explain why Hindraf 5 not freed

Apr 24, 08 5:49pm

MIC Youth has called on the government to review the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention of the five Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) leaders.

sa vigneswaranIn a statement today, MIC Youth chief SA Vigneswaran said the five should be freed if they are no longer considered a security threat.

“At that material time, the decision (to arrest) was warranted for if every demand is taken to the street then the democratic process will be in jeopardy and this will lead to chaos.

“But now when we go down (to the ground), the true sentiment is that they feel that these people were punished for asking for their rights.

“And because this was reflected in the general election result, they feel that the government is not adhering to their sentiments,” he added.

hindraff isa detainees 141207Vigneswaran said if the five are still considered a threat then it is incumbent on the home minister to be transparent and explain the reasons for their continued detention.

He also suggested that the five could be released with conditions if there is a need for this.

The five leaders were detained on Dec 13, shortly after Hindraf had organised a mammoth rally which drew some 30,000 people to the streets in Kuala Lumpur.

Those detained are P Uthayakumar, V Ganabatirau, R Kenghadharan, M Manoharan and T Vasantha Kumar.

Manoharan had also won the Kota Alam Shah state seat in the March 8 elections which he contested from behind bars under a DAP ticket.

Religious conversion

Meanwhile, MIC Youth also recorded its appreciation to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi over his recent decision concerning the issue of religious conversion.

The premier had said that those seeking to convert to Islam must inform their family beforehand.

Apart from this, Vigneswaran appealed to the premier to also enforce a rule for prospective converts to obtain a “release certificate” from recognised religious bodies such as the Hindu Sangam.

“When a convert chooses to convert out of the religion, the decision should also be left to his right without any restrictions,” he added.

Vigneswaran’s statement comes following a two-day MIC brainstorming session held in Penang which ended today.

Elaborating on the session, the Youth chief said numerous issues were discussed in depth, including those raised during the recent general election.

In a nutshell, Vigneswaran said the dismal performance of MIC members in the polls is a result of their failure to resolve sensitive issues pertaining to the Indian community.

“The issues involve religious rights, educational issues, government contracts, business opportunities and employment in the civil service,” he added.

He also said the government appeared to be uncommitted in resolving issues affecting the community and this allowed certain groups to take advantage of the situation and influence the community to turn its back on MIC and the BN government.

“It seems that the efforts of the BN for the past 50 years are no longer something to be proud of,” he added.

Silent no more

Vigneswaran said this allowed movements like Hindraf and Makkal Sakthi to flourish and they received support from the opposition which exploited the sentiment for political mileage.

hindraf british petition rally 251107 malaysian flags“In view of this, MIC Youth has decided not to keep silent any longer or blindly follow protocol when there is a need to voice out sensitive issues.

“This does not mean that we will ignore or not adhere to the existing directive as a BN component party,” he added.

Among the strategies devised during the session, Vigneswaran said it includes the immediate setting up of a toll-free line for the community, especially the youngsters, to channel their grouses in a more effective manner.

MIC Youth will also form a ‘task force’ to receive complaints directly without delegating it to other quarters.

Another move will be the immediate creation of an electronic media team called ‘E-Team’ to counter the allegations raised by the opposition in cyberspace.

Vigneswaran also said that MIC Youth will look into education issues as well in an aggressive manner.

MIC Youth: Explain why Hindraf 5 not freed


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