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The facts of the case are:

  • She works as a promoter
  • The molest took place in an exclusive section of a 5 star hotel
  • Several people witnessed the incident
  • It happened at mid-night

She withdrew the case and her reasons are:

  • The ex-Minister had no intention
  • She misunderstood the incident
  • She was sensitive and moody
  • The ex-Minister was known to her for 5 years, and he was jesting without bad intentions
  • She might have misunderstood the whole episode
  • When the ex-Minister jokes he likes to touch her shoulder and arms, and she accepts this type of behaviour as among friends
  • The ex-Minister had no intention to outrage her modesty or act inappropriately
  • Generally VIPs joked in rough ways
  • What she had said now may not agree with her Police report, as she could have said something else.

It is a pity I don’t write short stories or novellas, as I would have used the above outline to bring out a sensational rendering, a best seller.

Based on the statements this girl had been allowing this VIP the privilege of joking and touching for a long time, not necessarily 5 years, and if so, why this sudden compulsion to make a report of him. Was she having other ideas to teach this man a lesson. Was she hoping to benefit from the report. Is she not deliberately, causing embarrassment and injury to him and the family. Has she got a history of past similar reports on VIPs.

Whatever past history, this report on the ex-Minister, is a false report. Imagine a layman having a drink in this 5 star hotel with this promoter around, an accidental touching may lead to serious consequences. The Police may even have to investigate this angle.

Would this ex-Minister, if he has the gumption, sue her to save his name. She had leaked out secrets of his 5 year rendezvous at this place. Has been a regular at this place for 5 years, if not I can’t imagine her claiming the 5 years.

And finally to all these people out there to make gains on regulars visiting ‘watering holes’ please remember what happened to this girl.

The promoter in question, may have a medical problem, being sensitive and moody, a rest in prison may heal her. Will the Police help her.

KUALA LUMPUR: The woman who lodged a police report alleging a former cabinet minister had outraged her modesty at her workplace in a hotel in KL Sentral cannot in law withdraw the report, said Gelugor MP Karpal Singh.

Karpal, a lawyer, said a person who lodged a police report could not at her whim and fancies withdraw a report by way of a letter or statutory declaration. The person ran the risk of lodging a false report and was bound by the contents of the report, he added.

“The police have to investigate the woman’s report despite withdrawal of same by her. If the allegations against the ex-minister, as set out in the police report, are true, then the police have no alternative but to take action,” he said.

Karpal said this was a serious offence under Section 354 of the Penal Code, which carried imprisonment of up to 10 years or fine or whipping or with two of such punishments.

He said that if it was revealed in the course of the investigation that the contents of the police report was false, then the woman concerned should be charged for giving false information to the police.

This was an offence under Section 182 of the Penal Code, which provided for an imprisonment for a term which may be extended to six months, or a fine which may extend to RM,2000, or both.

Karpal thus called on the police to carry out an in-depth investigation to determine the culpability of the ex-minister for allegedly outraging the woman’s modesty, or the culpability of the woman concerned for giving false information to the police.

This would be in the public interest, he said.

The woman retracted the report lodged against the ex-minister, saying that she misunderstood the incident.

Karpal: She cannot legally withdraw report

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