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Nepalese king wants to stay

This King is in a quandary, people say go, King says he will stay. One thing strikes me as odd. Without the people what is the King going to rule over – his royal palace may be, but isn’t it funny ruling your own house. Some similarity in this country of ours, losers are asked to go, they insist they must say. Taking a leaf from the comments of the Maoists, if you don’t go on your own volition (choice), then you will have to be forced out.

Nepalese king wants to stay

Big News Monday 21st April, 2008

Despite calls by the leading Maoist party in Nepal, King Gyanendra has said he does not plan to leave the country for a life in exile.
King Gyanendra’s position has come under pressure following the election victory of the Maoist party a week and a half ago.
Although the full results are not yet known, it is expected that the Maoists will gain almost half the seats in the country’s parliament.
But the king has made it clear in a statement, he has no intention of departing simply because the Maoists want to put an end to Nepal’s monarchy, which has lasted 240 years.
Some hardline Maoists have also said that if the king does not leave the country of his own volition, he will be forced to do so.



  1. hope he works in stone factories crushing stones like our under aged kids, yes he won’t have any lunch break… Sorry!!
    LOL 🙂 Ruben

  2. Hi Ruben

    My fear is he may not know how to break stones.

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