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I look like an Indian, I sound like an Indian

This Indian brother must be congratulated and I salute him for being conscious of his origins. Religion cannot change our originality, our ethnic quality does not vary whatever religion we may profess. Earlier on while blogging, I used to be disturbed when race and religion were mixed up. Many a post of mine reflected on this issue and I have received brickbats as well as support from other Indian Muslim brothers. To my supporters I say thank you and for those who did not agree with my argument, I still say they are misinformed. I believe there is a big group of Indian Muslims whose allegiance to Tamil as their root remains very strong. They are great.

I look like an Indian, I sound like an Indian

Proud to be Indian Muslim | Apr 22, 08 4:23pm

I refer to the letter Indian Muslims ethnically cleansed.

Not all Indian Muslims think like Gepima and Kimma. I certainly do not want to sell my identity for a few extra ringgit. My parents migrated to Malaysia in the 1960s and I was born on this soil in the 1970s.

I used to be ashamed to be an Indian Muslim because in this country, race was related to religion whereby a Malay was equated with Islam, a Chinese with Buddhism and Indian with Hindu and I did not see where I fit in.

But as the years passed by, I realised the beauty of my own ethnic identity. I am now proud to speak Tamil. This is my mother tongue and I cherish its beauty. I love Indian food, cinema and songs. My father put himself as Malay in my birth certificate but I changed it myself back to ‘Indian’ in my identity card.

Hence, what Gepima and Kimma did was a source of great humiliation for me. How could both these groups claim to speak for all Indian Muslim Malaysians? And do they lack basic common sense?

Religion can be changed. It is a state of the mind and heart. But how can you change your genetic identity? It is in our DNA, for god’s sake. If we are born Indian, we cannot change to become a Malay or a Chinese as and when we like just because we want to get certain rights and privileges as well.

I look like an Indian. I sound like an Indian. Therefore, I am an Indian. And I am proud of it too. My plea is for Gepima and Kimma not to claim to represent me and those who think like me.

As far as I am concerned, even if I am the last Indian Muslim standing, I will stand proudly, for God made me what I am and I do not suffer from any so-called low self-esteem as claimed by Gepima.

I look like an Indian, I sound like an Indian


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  1. To achieve true democratic alternative government all enthnocentric and religious based political parties should dissolve and join a multi-racial party that reflects a Malaysian identity. Otherwise Malaysian will be will not have a right to determine future prime minister and will only mirror the BN.

    It is now or never if we Malaysian want to reform ourselves and nation for a better future for all Malaysian.

    “Makkal Sakthi”

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