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<b><i>THE MALAYSIAN</i></b>: <b><FONT COLOR=#808000><center>Many Local Grads Jobless Because They Lack Creativity</center></FONT></b>

As the The Malaysian writes in his blog, it is so very obvious these problems can’t be wished away, and neither is it justified to blame the society, nor the parents. We are only talking about the receiving end, a process so negative as if society has a different outlook, our graduates will shine and in that sense the standards of education will reach higher altitudes. It is just a dream. The blame rests with the Education Ministry, right from the time children enter Standard one. You mould the child at this stage and thereafter it is feeding time to improve their knowledge, thinking and adaptability. Does this happen.

Day in day out I receive complaints teachers are not at their post to teach, relief teachers as usual are monitors making sure the class is quiet. The relief can use the time profitably, but then, it is not their job, they are there to be another student among students. How much more will the class benefit, if the relief teacher just tells them a story or engage in conversation on any subject under the sun. The children want to learn.

When there is an impasse, on a subject matter, either because the teacher’s knowledge is lacking or there is lack of time, pass the matter on by reminding them ask your parents, check it out on the Internet, rather than saying let me check this out and will continue the next time. Not all parents have computers, Internet connections, and not all are computer savvy.

Teachers rush through the syllabus the dead line being more important, students toil with page after page of homework, which won’t be necessary if the syllabus is allotted the right time – outside activities hinder the teacher’s ability to spend more time with the students. Perhaps as a result of incompetent teaching, tuition teachers and private institutions are mushrooming everywhere. The whole education system, the quality of the teachers, their activities that is purely of a teaching nature – all these must be reviewed. General accusations don’t serve any purpose.       

One of the reasons why many local graduates are unemployed is because they lack creativity, said the Malaysian Association of Creativity and Innovation (Macri).
Its president Datuk Ghazi Sheikh Ramli said the creativity of Malaysians was stifled by the education system and the perceived need to follow societal norms.
“Our society generally puts too many barriers and constraints on children. Children need space to grow, and when this space is not given, it slowly kills their natural inborn creativity.
“When you see local university products (innovations), you are not surprised. Their (students) brains are not ready (for the workforce) and all the ideas are the same – as if they are all from the same mould,” he told The Star.
Ghazi said that in more open societies, students were not subjected to this mental block and they could freely challenge the opinions of their lecturers. (The Star)
***** What could be the possible reasons for this sorry situation? Who is responsible for their ‘unemployability’? Can we point fingers at the system of selection which favours ethnicity over merit? Should we blame the doubtful quality of those selected to enter our institutions of higher learning? Is the spoon feeding at the primary and secondary school level in any way responsible? Or perhaps the problem lies in the unimaginative syllabus at varsity which shuns creative thinking? Any theories or guesses?
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THE MALAYSIAN: Many Local Grads Jobless Because They Lack Creativity



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