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Tiong and Bung to lead BN backbenchers

The ruling party Barisan Nasional is running short of parliamentarians who can be effective in Parliament. Surely they can get better people than Bintulu representative  Tiong King Sing and the famous bocor  Kinabatangan representative Bung Mokhtar Radin. Both are tainted men and should keep quiet in Parliament, or else they are going get a mouth full from Pakatan Rakyat candidates. Both are selected to be leading the government backbenchers. Imagine the ruckus every time either on of them stands up to argue, and hearing words like ‘sudah-lah PKFS or sudah-lah bocor’; these can be embarrassing to the government. Demeaning and degrading are too mild statements that can be employed to categorise these worthless upstarts.

If it is any consolation the Jasin MP Datuk Mohd Said Yusuf the one eyed pirate is not around. Badawi had enough of him. 

I don’t know if they are the best among the ruling party, and if this is so, they are angels compared to the rest –  track records of the rest must be even worst. Any how Question Time will be televised and you can see these two jumping around.

Just to give you a sample the antics of bocor man – he must be leaking from every pore, view this video. YouTube will have many more on Tiong and Bung as we go along. They look like Laurel and Hardy, the comedians alright.

More on this in The Malaysian Bar.   



Tiong and Bung to lead BN backbenchers

Andrew Ong | Apr 19, 08 6:47pm

Fireworks in Parliament is almost guaranteed with the election of two colourful Barisan Nasional MPs to lead the government backbenchers.
During a Barisan MPs retreat today, its backbenchers elected Bintulu rep Tiong King Sing as their leader. His deputy is Kinabatangan rep Bung Mokhtar Radin.
A three-term MP, Tiong, 47, achieved a milestone as the first Chinese to ever lead the BN BackBenchers Club (BBC).
Tiong may be known to Sarawakians as a very outspoken MP in Parliament, but he was coy today when quizzed by reporters on his new role.
“Wait for me to be sworn in first,” he pleaded to reporters.
bung moktar tiong king sing 190408Nevertheless, he appeared undaunted about his task in leading fellow backbenchers against an unprecedentedly large opposition bench.
“As long as each of us do our duties, we’ll be fine,” said Tiong, who is also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party treasurer and Youth chief.
Bung Mokhtar, also a three-term MP, was more open to questions. He foresees a “big challenge” ahead as deputy Barisan BBC chair.
“Its going to be a big responsibility to assist the government and the prime minister. We have to play our role and ensure a stable government,” said Bung Mokhtar, who is Umno Kinabatangan division chief.
Controversial characters
The choice of Tiong and Bung Mokhtar to lead the club, however, is bound to raise eyebrows among certain quarters due to past incidents.
For starters, Tiong is a director of a company involved with the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) controversy. The multi-billion ringgit controversy is bound to be raised by opposition MPs in the upcoming Parliamentary session.
The Bintulu MP also gave Sarawak Police a ‘black eye’ with his disclosure last year over the gangster issue in the state.
Bung Mokhtar, on the other hand, is known for the many controversial remarks he had said in Parliament. This includes the infamous ‘bocor’ incident, use of the ‘F’ word and quipping that opposition veteran Karpal Singh was ‘about to die’.
“What is in the past is in the past. We have to look forward now… it’s not only me, even (DAP leader Lim) Kit Siang said some bad things,” said Bung Mokhtar to a question relating to this.
Even with his new role, Bung Mokhtar promised his constituents that he will continue to be very outspoken on their behalf.
“Its going to be like before. I’ll raise issues involving the public interest,” he added.
Malaysia’s 12th Parliament will be in session starting April 28.

Tiong and Bung to lead BN backbenchers


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  1. It is an utter disgrace to the Rakyat that people like Bung Moktar be allowed to run for public office in the first place, not to mention deputy bbc chair. It is a sad state of affairs and i cannot pray for the 13th GE to come soon enough so that these bungling honorable members will all be booted out, so as to retain the shred of pride and dignity that all Malaysians deserve. It truly is disgraceful, the way our beautiful and proud nation has been run into the ground by our elected leaders. Things really have to change.

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