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The height of irresponsibility! 29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions! « I am a MalaysianThe height of irresponsibility! 29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions! « I am a Malaysian


Donations wanted for 29 hot water bottles to be supplied to the good 29 MPs who think asking questions in Parliament is a waste of time. The 29 hot water bottles will make them even more happy.

The height of irresponsibility! 29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions!

April 18, 2008 by ewoon

“I am glad of all details, whether they seem to you to be relevant or not.” – Sherlock Holmes

The headline above was the title of the email i received from my cyberbuddy, Sherlock, out of the blue.

Sherlock don’t usually write me but when he does it’s usually about a matter of great import. And i agree with him that when 29 out of our 222 Members of Parliament did not submit their parliamentary questions recently it sure is A MATTER OF GREAT IMPORT – AND CONCERN!

It is definitely the height of irresponsibility!

W … T … F …!!! i screamed (in my head.) This cannot do … what was this bunch of idiots thinking? Don’t they know their first and most important responsibility as members of parliament?

Sherlock was absolutely spot on when he titled his email the way he did. i will go one further. i will expose these sluggards and give them a dress down so bad they’ll remember never ever to repeat the same mistake in future. And for those MPs wannabes, to serve as an example of what-not-to-do.

Hey, you, MPs of the most slothful kind, what were your motives in standing for your parliamentary seats election during the just completed 12th General Election?

If your collective answer is ‘to serve your respective constituencies’ then you must be the biggest LIARS in town. Not submitting your parliamentary questions – not even one for the maiden session? – is hardly indicative of your passion to want to serve, izzit?

No excuse. You should all resign from your MPships and be happy with your life-long pensions. Heck, the rakyat has to bear this burden for the rest of your lives, too, right?

We do not need seat warmers in Parliament. We do not need people who are there for the position and perks and insist on being addressed as YBs wherever they may appear. We do not need slimeballs/ovarians in the august house. We do not need opportunists, period. Get out if you have any dignity!

Parliamentary questions are where MPs prove their salt. The more penetrating questions they bring to the table the more we’ll know our MPs truthfully understand the problems that are besieging the rakyat and country. The more penetrating they are the more the people who are in positions of responsibility will be kept on their toes!

Not even one question?

Why, if national issues are beyond you, then ask lah why the roads, drains, rubbish, street lights or traffic lights are ‘out of order’ in your constituency! But then again, if you are only capable of such questions, then you should move your asses to the local councils instead of park yourselves in Parliament. On second thought, no, you should just give up altogether and crawl back into the hole where you emerged from.

i am so hot under the collar you won’t believe it. Especially with those MPs from Pakatan Rakyat. There are two names in particular whom i am especially peeved with. i shall not name them but you’ll have to do your detective work in this blog for i, and numerous others out there, have given time and energy to help ‘promote’ them to be where they are now. As for me, i could have kicked myself.

MPs who do not submit questions are akin to blur sotongs. Besides not knowing their jobs they are also devoid of ideas. For no ideas equate with no vision. And that’s a dangerous position to be in when you are supposedly law makers.

When one also cannot tell a good law from a bad one, what makes one thinks one knows which one to throw out and which one to vote in, let alone come up with new ones to keep up with the times? (A shiver just ran down my spine. Just hope it’s not a forewarning of ominous events to come.)

The guilty Pakatan Rakyat MPs should be taken to task by their leaders for this dire dereliction of duty. If the government-in-waiting wants further mass support to invoke “change for the better” this dream just cannot happen when you operate in this kind of no-questions vacuum. Clueless MPs, i would think, would be liabilities rather than strengths to their party, constituents and country.

i call upon DS Anwar Ibrahim of PKR and YB Lim Kit Siang of DAP (yes YB, you do have a delinquent prominent academician in your midst) to do the needful and quickly correct the situation before the rakyat wise up to this height of irresponsibility. The damage could be irreparable.

Notice something? i did not mention YB Tuan Guru DS Haji Hadi Awang of PAS. Why, PAS MPs names were not in the dirty list. Not one. Says a lot about the quality of PAS MPs, huh?

At this point, let me also raise a few questions that have been bugging me of late. i hope to be enlightened by the knowledgeable readers who do read my blog:

  • Is there a difference between an NGO and a poitician?
  • Do NGOs make good politicians?
  • Does an NGO know how to shake off his or her NGO’s ‘mentality’ once he or she becomes a Member of Parliament?

i admit these are not easy questions to answer.

i guess the closest one can get to answering them would largely depend on whether one is still drooling with mother’s milk from the corner of one’s mouth or one has graduated to the single-malt hard stuff, or, if one truly knows the difference between masturbation and real sex.

Alright, alright! i know you have been dying for the list of 29 MPs who didn’t see it fit to submit their parliamentary questions recently. Here goes …

1. Abd. Rahman bin Bakri – Sabak Bernam – BN
2. Datuk Haji Wahab bin Haji Dolah – Igan – BN
3. Dato’ Dr Abdullah bin Md Zin – Besut – BN
4. Ahmad Lai bin Bujang – Sibuti – BN
5. Datuk Anifah bin Aman @ Haniff Amman – Kimanis – BN
6. Abit Joo Hulu – Rajang – BN
7. Ding Kuong Hiing – Sarikei – BN
8. Datuk Seri Dr Jamaluddin bin Mohd Jarjis – Rompin – BN
9. Dato’ Dr James Dawos Mamit – Mambong – BN
10. Dato’ Seri Mohd Radzi bin Sheikh Ahmad – Kangar – BN
11. Dato’ Sri Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad Abdullah – Mukah – BN
12. Dato’ Seri Rafidah binti Aziz – Kuala Kangsar – BN
13. Datuk Dr Tekhee @ Tiki Anak Lafe Mas – Gading – BN
14. William @ Nyallau Anak Badak Lubok – Antu – BN
15. Datuk Haji Yusoff Bin Mahal – Labuan – BN
16. Charles Anthony a/l R Santiago – Klang – DAP
17. Er Teck Hwa – Bakri – DAP
18. Hiew King Cheu – Kota Kinabalu – DAP
19. John a/l Fernandez – Seremban – DAP
20. Prof Dr P Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy – Batu Kawan – DAP
21. Abdullah Sani bin Abdul Hamid – Kuala Langat – PKR
22. Haji Ahmad Kassim – Kuala Kedah – PKR
23. Chua Tian Chang – Batu – PKR
24. Gobalakrishnan a/l Nagapan – Padang Serai – PKR
25. Dato’ Kamarul Baharin Abbas – Telok Kemang – PKR
26. Manikavasagam A/L Sundaram – Kapar – PKR
27. Dato’ Rashid Bin Din – Merbok – PKR
28. William Leong Jee Keen – Selayang – PKR
29. Datuk Dr Zainal Abidin Bin Ahmad – Hulu Selangor – PKR

The height of irresponsibility! 29 MPs did not submit parliamentary questions! « I am a Malaysian


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    20. Prof Dr P Ramasamy a/l Palanisamy – Batu Kawan – DAP

    You too, Prof?

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