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This woman things she is helping Badawi. But the fact remains, one of the main causes of Badawi losing his direction was when she was involved in the AP issue. Badawi was not aggressive, and this one action of him to sack her would have raised the popularity of the Prime Minister many notches.

She talks of discipline, boo, boo, boo, were you so?

Badawi should go away, it’s degrading if he were voted down – never happened to a President, but can happen now.

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Wanita fully behind Abdullah

Meanwhile after the meeting, Wanita chief Rafidah Aziz reiterated her movement’s stand that this was not the right time for in-fighting and called on everyone to stop the blame game.

rafidah aziz wanita umno pc 210308 01“Stop it! Stop it! Everyone’s wrong. The share of responsibility may differ from person to person but everyone made a mistake in the last elections,” said Rafidah.

On calls for a time limit for the president to announce his succession plan, the former trade minister said: “It’s up to the PM and the DPM. We (the Wanita arm) are not setting any time limits. It’s up to the two of them. They are wise people and they will discuss together.”

“It has to be done properly so that the party and the country�are not affected. We are talking about the prime minister. Don’t forget, we are not talking about the Umno president only.

“Our stand is to support the leader, otherwise there is no party discipline. And the leader has made some commitments and so he will do it, I’m sure.”
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  1. Dear Freedom Fighters, both Online & Offline…

    I have been supporting the boycott the newspapers initiative for sometime & I have done my push & pull marketing rather we’ll around my circle of family, friends & contacts. A few have stopped buying, some don’t already. A lot whom still want to purchase the papers, I passed on the info – which was the worst in all mediums & urged them to switch to the least worst. For English papers, the worst was the The Star (Spinning & BN coverage). Data can be found on the People’s Parliament.

    Now, the story. I have noticed that some, are still purchasing the newspapers, especially “The Star” every now & then, especially on Saturday’s for… “The Recruitment Section!”

    So, I urge all those whom support this cause to pass the word. Only get your recruitment information online. Do not purchase the msm & even browse through it.

    PR & others (mid-long term effort), get more beginner computer classes up. Teaching people to use the comp, get the news, browse & apply for jobs, using the email, etc. Keep the fees very low, give it free to the very poor, catch the young, educate! PR, set up a IT centre in the poor areas, with news printed out & pasted there regularly. Put up a few PCs with internet connections for the poor to share & use for free during office hours.

    Check out MT article “My Version of the Truth” by RPK, for some related info.

    Thanks, please pass the word!

  2. I think maybe Rafidah has some ‘hidden’ planning.. Who knows? This drama is a looong drama.

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