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MIC boss: I saw it coming

How can Samy Vellu the Malaysian Indian Congress President be blamed for anything, he has ben fighting continuously for the Indians in Malaysia, knew very much earlier and predicted the downfall of the party, he was an innocent by stander and things just happened. The new input is he had told Badawi about the coming defeat and asked for money to bribe the Indians, but Badawi refused any money. Another new revelation the people appreciate that the party is relevant now as many people want help.

I am amazed at him and wonder how many tricks he has got under his sleeve, he is truly a magician of a sort who will with a wave of a wand……sorry I meant with a twist of a tongue produce enough to cover not only the present but the number of remaining days until he goes. I wonder whether his twisting tongue ever gets tired. But unfortunately, the people are getting tired of the spinning and perhaps take a vow that from now  on Samy Vellu is not to be blamed for the lost, it is always somebody else. Thereafter peace will ensure and Samy Vellu can walk with his shoulders up, I am not to blamed, Can we people help him, a man aged 72.

Reminiscing on his past doings I remember saying about rejuvenation and ear piercing. His strategy of hot line for the Indians with MIC, six month reports to the Prime Minister and a proposal of Indians monopolising the civil service. Another flash back is his assurance  many issues have been settled through consultations and dialogue with the federal, state and local government. He talks about sensitive issues, but forgets he is doing the same telling openly that the elections will be lost – I wonder why Badawi never thought of ISA for him at that time, considering he has the gall to say everything is lost.

But what is intriguing is the fact that he could predict that all will be lost at the elections. Knowing this the following questions are in order:

  • you had to lose in Sungei Siput, why did you not stay away
  • if you had known the future why did you advertise and cautioned the people they will pay the price for voting the opposition. After all you knew in advance the results.

He says the Indian community was neglected, and this caused them to vote opposition, if he had the interest of the Indian people why did he defy Hindraf and say the Indians are better of than other races and even went all the way to India to attest to this fact.

Samy Vellu says  the ordinary people always felt that coming to MIC means that their going to their own home. He is wrong, the people don’t like him. Baradan Kuppusamy, a senior commentator has this to say.

MIC was dealt an unmerciful blow in the March 8 general election. The Indian-based party was trounced in 18 of its 28 seats and the list of casualties included almost all of its top leaders.

samy vellu interview 160408 03Even its mighty president was shown the exit in his stronghold of three decades. Morale sank to an all-time low and the grassroots were left wondering about their future.

In an exclusive interview with Malaysiakini at the MIC headquarters in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, S Samy Vellu – who appears to have retained his vigor despite the major setback – revealed that he saw this coming.

When asked if he was a contributing factor to the poor performance of the party in the elections, the 72-year-old politician refused to accept responsibility and pointed the finger at the government instead.

“I will never say that I am a factor for the losses. I know why the losses took place. It is something due to the neglect of the Indian community by the government.”

“I have been continuously fighting (against this) and I foresaw that this was going to happen. Six months before the elections, I went to the prime minister and told him ‘I have a short programme for the next three years. Can you give some money so that we can boost the morale of the party among the Indians.’

pak lah abdullah ahmad badawi putrajaya malaysia“First he said, ‘I’ll look into it’, later he said, ‘No’, he cannot give. So thereafter I thought, ‘What can we do?'”

According to Samy Vellu what transpired on March 8 was nothing short of a political tsunami, or in his words, “A big wave of change.”

The MIC president said Malaysians desired for this wave to sweep across the country and they believed that the opposition will be able to deliver it.

“Now they are waiting to see what the opposition can give. But I feel that the opposition has not settled in yet, they are still in a lot of disarray. I don’t know how long it will take for them to settle (in).”

Not running away

Soon after the elections, calls for the MIC president to vacate his post rang out from both within and outside the party. But a defiant Samy Vellu announced that he will continue to helm MIC until 2012.

This drew more flak from critics, with some even suggesting that the party is now beyond redemption.

samy vellu interview 160408 01Samy Vellu – who has been the target of much criticism – is of the belief that one of the traits of a true leader is not to forsake the party in times of crisis.

“I know that after the elections, our party is in disarray. A leader who runs away when the party is in disarray is no leader,” he said.

The former works minister also stressed that it is the duty of a leader to put the house in order and examine what went wrong.

“To put the house in order not only with the (MIC) members but also with the community. If I don’t do that, I don’t think it will be good,” he added.

Samy Vellu also described himself as the strongest link between the party and the masses.

“Because in this party, I have more connections with the ordinary people than anyone else. I see them weekly, I see them daily and I have been attending to their problems.

“I make myself completely available to their requests … I always tell that we need to see more people. We want to make MIC a people-friendly party that will help the people.”

In order to achieve this, Samy Vellu said, the party must have experienced leaders at the controls until as and when the younger leaders are ready to take over the reins.

More relevant now

The MIC president also dismissed the notion that the longer he remains at the top, the more problems it will create for the party at the bottom.

indian crowd malaysia 291107To his critics, he said: “These are (the views of) people who don’t know politics, who do not understand the system of politics and also the minds of the people and what happens in the country.

“Anybody who says that, I will say he is a political zero,” he added with his usual zest.

Contrary to many quarters suggesting otherwise, Samy Vellu is also confident that the party – which he has spearheaded for 28 years – can be revived and will remain relevant.

“I think after this elections, MIC has become more relevant for the reason that there are many people who need help. There are many people who feel that MIC is the only party that can really help them.

“After I took over the leadership of MIC, I made it a party open to ordinary people. So the ordinary people always felt that coming to MIC means that their going to their own home.

“The ones who say it (MIC) is irrelevant are the people who want to make it irrelevant but are not successful in doing this,” he said.

MIC boss: I saw it coming


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  1. Lately he has been promising overseas medical graduates all of sorts of things if they pay a fee for a course at his “Institute”. He is supposed to have said that this arrangement was approved by the Cabinet and the Kementrian. But both bodies were unrepresented at the “ceramah” he held.

    He is said to have told them they will then able to “sit” the examination that will qualify them. He refused to answer when asked if the marking would not tempered with or that the graduates (mostly Indians) would be able to pass the “examination”.

    The cost of the course… a tiny sum of $150,000 or so. Truly a case of Samy boleh even if Malaysian ta’ boleh.

    The overseas gradutes will be better of contacting a migration professional as some of their qualifications can be recognised in a first world country or two without any of this bullshit or expenditure. I would ask them send a CV by email to “” if they want to live and work somewhere better for some free initial advice. I understand that if accepted they would be able to find jobs pretty quickly, not like in Samyland.

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