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Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors

Are not the Indians in Malaysia proud of this monumental start of the new Minister of Human Resources Dr S Subramaniam. He has raised the issue at cabinet; it is a worthy point. His action belittles his boss Samy Vellu who in his heyday, would have just said I have spoken to the Prime Minister. Did not Mahathir say Samy did not, as claimed, bring many matters to the attention of the cabinet. This came from the horse’s mouth and there must be some truth in it.

If Dr S Subramaniam continues along the same vein by mentioning what he had done in the Government or cabinet, it would make him in the eyes of the Indians a person who acts and not spewing empty babble. The results may not be yes always, but the issue has been raised. That will satisfy the Indians.

Carry on Minister.

Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors

Apr 15, 08 2:27pm

The government has decided to allow temple priests, musicians and sculptors from India to continue rendering their services in the country, according to Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam.

In a statement today, Subramaniam said he raised the issue during the last cabinet meeting on April 9.

dr s subramaniam interview 210308In view of this, he said the cabinet agreed to “permit/renew” the visas for those in the country to continue with their services for specific categories.

Subramaniam, who is also MIC secretary-general, added that he will hold a meeting with Hindu and Sikh organisations to discuss the categories which had been agreed upon.

He will also meet with Home Minister Syed Hamid Albar and Unity, Culture, Arts and Heritage Minister Shafie Apdal to discuss the implementation of this decision.

On the same note, Subramaniam said the cabinet wants efforts to be carried out to train the locals in these fields in the long run in order not to depend on those from India.

However, the statement did not mention the status of the ban on bringing in new priests, musicians and sculptors from India.

Revoke ban

samy vellu pc 120308 agitatedOn Saturday, MIC president S Samy Vellu had urged the government to lift the ban on the recruitment of priests from India for Hindu temples and Sikh gurdwaras.

He said the temples and gurdwaras urgently required about 500 and 300 priests respectively.

“I am appealing to the government to take into consideration the sensitivity involved as the priests are needed urgently to conduct daily prayers,” added the MIC president.

If the matter is left unresolved, Samy Vellu warned that it could spark off “major dissatisfaction among the Hindu and Sikh communities.”

Green light for Indian priests, musicians and sculptors



  1. Priest, musicians and sculptor are not going the improve the standard of living among the disadvantaged in the community.

    The MICputrans are still gloating over scraps.

    Either work for the improvement of the community or joint the PKR now.

  2. Hi Raja Chulan,

    I know the whole thing is a farce, I believe the approval can be taken away at any time, but for a beginner, the Doctor is doing well.

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