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I read what Raja Petra was talking about how easily people can be influenced by set pieces of action, where the crowd gets deluded as if it is what the general group wants, when in fact it is orchestrated quite much earlier to create an impression that this is what the people must do. This I believe is what is known as mass psychology or group psychology empowered by leaders who know how to make people say yes, when in actual fact they want to say no.

My annoyance was generated by a clipping of a statement made by one Afandy B.Sutrisno Tanjung, President of what, I refuse to say because he has failed miserably as one. Imagine telling graduates this. This chap is not Malay but a import from Indonesia, and he is telling the Malaysian graduates how to feel and react.

What fantastic advise has he given. Armed with this message the graduate goes into the world, looking for hidden enemies, people out there to destroy and damage, and with a chip in his shoulder right from the beginning. How is he going to fare in his future life. This message is sanctioned by the University. What a sad thought and now we know why our educational standards are plummeting.

It is leaders like him who change the mind set of the freshies who come out to face the world. What a bad start.

Afandy B.Sutrisno Tanjung


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