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MIC: Accord Uthaya proper attention

A puppet has spoken. I am referring to MIC Youth chief S Murugesan, I thought he left the country. Is Samy having problems controlling the puppet strings, or Murugesan feels he has been too long a puppet. Only he knows.

MIC: Accord Uthaya proper attention

Apr 12, 08 8:29pm

Selangor MIC Youth chief S Murugesan has called on the authorities to seriously look into the health condition of Hindraf leader and Internal Security Act detainee P Uthayakumar and provide him with the necessary medical attention.
“It is the duty of the prison authorities to ensure the health and safety of those under their custody, a duty made onerous in cases where one is held without trial,” he said in a statement today.
uthayakumar warded in hospital 290108“The authorities must act on the advice of doctors and in cases where there is doubt, they must act and think in favour of the detainee,” he added.
Murugesan, a member of MIC central working committee member, was the latest among a chorus of voices that have called for Uthayakumar, a diabetic for the past 12 years, to be accorded proper medical attention.
Uthayakumar is said to have been deprived of his medicine for the past month despite repeated requests to the director of Kamunting Prison where he is held.
Uthayakumar is among four other Hindraf leaders who were detained under the ISA on Dec 13 shortly after organising a mammoth rally in Kuala Lumpur on Nov 25 which saw some 30,000 Indians taking to the streets.

Inhumane treatment
He was admitted to the Taiping hospital in Perak on April 7 after his sugar level rose to more than three times the normal level.

Discharged from the hospital on April 10 and taken back to the detention centre, his family members insisted that he was still unwell.
Human rights movement Aliran, meanwhile, expressed shock at the “inhumane” treatment Uthayakumar has been subjected.
“Aliran wishes to emphasise that a detainee does not forfeit his right to medical care under whatever circumstance,” said its president P Ramakrishnan in a statement.
“As a human being, he is entitled to receive medical attention like any other Malaysian and his family has a right to be notified when a detainee is hospitalised. This is something very basic in a civilised society,” he stressed.
“Kamunting authorities need to be given an urgent course on human decency so that they will react as human beings and treat others under their care with dignity and compassion.
“So far their conduct has been disgraceful, deserving condemnation from the civilised international community,” the Aliran president added.

MIC: Accord Uthaya proper attention



  1. Murugesan Aiya, please start the call to Samy Vollu to step down.

    HINDRAF takes care of its own.

  2. What kind of law is this ISA?!!

    In this 21st century- ISA is prehistoric- a tyrannosaurus law. Should not exist at all. Incarcerating human beings for their beliefs is detrimental to, if I say democracy- it would be too lenient- but to civilization itself.

    Is mankind so inhumanely retrogressive?


    Badawi- your time is up- the least you could do is release the H5. Abolish ISA (and all other undemocratic laws), now- you would have a place in history- otherwise you are history and history would only cite you in a passing glimpse and in bad light.

    Ponder now- if you so much wish to take up a place in history.

  3. Hi Kolaar

    The picture does not show a healthy man or may be the surroundings influences me. I hope Badawi will not have blood on his hands if anything goes wrong.

  4. Too much blood has already stained the hands of the BN goons, Samy Vellu included.

    None of these goons are capable of human thoughts. These cold-blooded creatures are simply too evil.

  5. Hi Penang

    Good morning, if anything should happen to Uthaya, he will become a legend which will be long remembered by the people. I pray for his speedy recovery.

  6. That is a good one on Samy Velu

  7. Hi Bala

    Have you read all the rest.

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