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The question is how long will Badawi last, even until December is at doubt now. Najib says it is an internal matter, but unfortunately, the Prime Minister himself has told us he is for all of us and therefore not for UMNO alone. Najib please think before you speak.

I would request comedy court a song like ‘Good bye Sam’, maybe in this case ‘Selamat jalan and good bye Badawi’ for the masses.

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rocky’s bru: In other words, resign please

Johor Umno tells Badawi of need for an exit plan that consists of the 3S element: Structured, Smooth and Speedy. Johor Umno did the previously unthinkable by asking the party’s President, PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, to come up with a plan to hand over the reign.
During a closed-door meeting with AAB this afternoon, three Umno divisional heads spoke up to convey the message.
The three are:
1. Dr Fuad Zarkashi
2. Dato Nur Jazlan Muhamed
3. Hasni Mohamed
The PM arrived in JB this morning, a day after a newsreport said 20 out of the 26 Umno divisions in Johor, an Umno stronghold state, wanted him to go on leave and hand over the business of governing the country to someone else.
Badawi has come under increasing pressure to resign after the poor March 8 general election performance by the Barisan Nasional. The coalition he led lost the 2/3 majority in Parliament and 5 states, both unprecedented.
AAB still insists that he has not failed and wants to continue as PM.
According to Bigdogdotcom, a rabid pro-Umno blogger, this afternoon’s meeting at the Seri Pacific Hotel, which ended about 5.30pm, made it clear that the consensus reached by Umno Johor is to demand for an exit (for Badawi) which is structured, smooth and, most importantly, speedy.
Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak is scheduled to meet the Umno leaders tonight.

rocky’s bru: In other words, resign please

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