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MIC Youth, Wanita to form own branches

UMNO is very busy trying to find reasons why they lost the elections. Badawi says the party was sabotaged by their own members, Najib says it is hear say. Some say the kitchen cabinet led by Khairy caused them dearly, some say fourth floor boys, some say ineffectual leadership of Badawi, the list is endless; what caused the tsunami.

MCA tries to pin point the issue, the Ong dynasty is blamed, the latest being the spy theory by Donald Lim, in Malaysiakini who says Chua Soh Leik was also a victim.

Gerakan is quiet, I suppose the reason they lost is because the people were fed up with the party.

PPP Kayveas, had the least problem identifying the reason, he lost and thats it. He is not popular and it has got nothing to do with the aspirations the party set to serve the people.

Now, why did MIC fail. The main culprit everybody is quick to admit, is because of Samy Vellu. He had a big mouth, he boasted and was cocky the Indians wont displace him or MIC. Coupled to this is the hatred of the people that Samy had not done much for the people and that he is monopolising MIC as his serfdom. Others talk about Maika, Telecom shares, temples, his cronies, Vel Paari, and Hindraf. Anybody following the political scene will say Hindraf was the cause followed up by the arrogance of Samy.

But till today, I have not seen Samy explaining the reason for the failure. Ditto for his MIC members, they may grumple, but nothing comes out as the leader will shut them up for good. This can only happen in MIC. What is the point in restructuring the party, creating Youth and Wanita wings, and whatever other measures that comes to the mind of Samy. The cancer or the reason for defeat is still there, and if not cured, MIC will remain sick.

We see Dr Denison Jayasooria, the executive director of the party’s social wing – Yayasan Strategik Social, leaving the sinking ship, with the simple reason he is going to do church work; I am sure he could have done both jobs simultaneously, but to escape from the clutches of Samy he used this reason. It is hard to say whether others will follow. The fact that no other leader besides Samy is making the noise, makes me wonder if they had lost their voices. While in power they were dumb, behaved like imbeciles, and must they continue to give credence to the universal thoughts of Indians that they are very talkative and articulate as only an Indian can do, but with Samy around they are like puppies whimpering for anything that is dished out by Samy. Come on fellows show how much you are worth. At least for the next 4 or 5 years you will be hibernating from political activities, speak now or don’t speak for ever.

Samy is wishing those who won to enjoy the victories – is this grapes gone sour, surely they will enjoy, even without Samy mentioning it. Samy oh Samy.

In passing, at least for record sake, will Samy say why MIC lost.

MIC Youth, Wanita to form own branches

Apr 10, 08 3:18pm

MIC will allow its Youth and Wanita wings to form their own branches as part of the party’s restructuring exercise.

Announcing this today, party president S Samy Vellu said each branch would operate as a separate entity, provided it had 50 or more members.

samy vellu and mic“We have received numerous complaints from Youth and Wanita grassroots leaders that branch leaders were hampering their work.

“Some decided to leave the party because of the ‘red tape’ created by some branch leaders. So to avoid this, we have decided to allow Youth and Wanita to form their own branches, provided they have 50 or more members.

“Despite the branch status, they would still be governed by the Youth and Wanita wings. We don’t need a constitutional amendment for this. The Youth and Wanita (wings) will still have their annual general assemblies. This change is to allow them to operate independently,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

At present, MIC has about 3,700 branches nationwide and with the latest move, it is expected to have more branches.

However, Samy Vellu said that the number of divisions would remain at 150 nationwide.

YSS chief quits

In another development, the MIC president confirmed the resignation of Dr Denison Jayasooria, the executive director of the party’s social wing – Yayasan Strategik Social.

denison jayasooria“Everyone is looking for a better position. He said he wants to do new things and concentrate on church work. Yes, he has given his resignation but we have yet to decide whether to accept it,” said Samy Vellu.

To a question, the MIC president said Denison was neither a MIC member nor a politician but was “just a MIC staff”.

“The party did not want him to get involved in active politics as he was employed to do research and assist (the party) in policy-making decisions.”

Meanwhile, Samy Vellu said MIC candidates who lost their respective seats at the recent general election were unlikely to file election petitions to overturn the election results in their respective constituencies.

At the polls, MIC contested nine parliamentary and 19 state seats under the Barisan Nasional banner, winning only three parliamentary and seven state constituencies.

The party lost one parliamentary and two state seats with a narrow margin. It lost the Hulu Selangor Parliamentary seat after MIC deputy president G. Palanivel was beaten by PKR’s Zainal Abidin Ahmad with a slim 198 vote majority.

The party candidate for the Bukit Melawati state seat in Selangor, K Partiban lost to M Mutiah also from PKR, with a 297 vote majority, while for the Port Dickson state seat in Negeri Sembilan, T Rajagopalu lost to PKR’s M. Ravi with a 733 vote difference.

“Except for Hulu Selangor, I don’t think we can argue. All those who won can enjoy their victories. I don’t think we would go for election petitions,” noted Samy Vellu.

MIC Youth, Wanita to form own branches

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  1. Why Did MIC Lose In The Elections?

    Six reasons:

    6. Samy Vellu
    5. Samy Vellu
    4. Samy Vellu
    3. Samy Vellu
    2. Samy Vellu
    1. Samy Vellu

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