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On the way to school, I was telling my grand-daughter, this man wanted to avoid problems and to do that decided to stay put in the house; the ceiling of the house fell on him. She laughed and in this mood I returned home. Another laughing matter was this piece in Bernama.

Most of you know the antics of Nazri Abdul Aziz the man from Padang Rengas in Parliament during the first term of 4 years Badawi’s rule. He is foul mouthed, with tendencies to run wild, aggressive and a trouble creator. He is loathed by the opposition as well as the people. He is crass and a yobo or ruffian belittling his background as a legal man. His shout of racist, was it 42 times, echoed through the vast chamber of Parliament and turned it to a market of hooligans.

Today he is back; the only regret is, he should have been moved to some other duties rather than comment on the doings of Parliament. He has the cheek to comment ‘be careful what you say, watch your behaviour, no sensitive issues, blah..blah..blah.’

Unless he has cloned himself to be a better behaved person, or has undergone some counselling courses to control his temper, I can see him as the first person in Parliament to break the advice he has given.

Nazri the ball is at your feet.

Cabinet Meetings To Move To Fridays

KUALA LUMPUR, April 9 (Bernama) — The Cabinet meetings usually held on Wednesdays will be moved to Fridays to enable ministers to be present at parliament sittings, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz.
He said it also had to do with the planned 30-minute live telecasts of Parliament proceedings from the end of this month.
“Before this, during question time (Q & A) deputy ministers or parliamentary secretaries answer for ministers because they (ministers) sometimes are unable to be present.
“Now with this live telecast move, the ministers themselves will provide the answers as the people will be closely watching the proceedings,” said Mohamed Nazri on the “Bersemuka Dengan Media” talk show programme on the RTM1 television channel Tuesday night.
Also appearing on the programme hosted by Ahmad Sabri were BERNAMA assistant news editor Hafizah Kamaruddin and the operator of the Agenda Daily news portal, Hanafiah Man.
Nazri said he hoped the live telecasts would make parliamentarians more careful on what they say and about their behaviour in the august House.
“Although they have parliamentary immunity, they must be careful not to raise sensitive issues and if they do, they must be prepared to face the consequences,” he said.
He said if the trial run of the telecast (from 10am to 10.30 am each sitting day) was successful, the telecasts might be increased to 90 minutes daily, covering the whole of the Q & A session and should it be extraordinarily well received, the entire proceedings would be telecast live.
He said this had not been done earlier because it had been cost prohibitive, something like RM15 million if telecasts were held over 92 days of sitting.
“But because the people are demanding for it now, we must accede,” said Mohamed Nazri.

Cabinet Meetings To Move To Fridays ::


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