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The political pundits are out there gazing into the crystal ball, Badawi’s position is wobbly, who will push him out and lead UMNO. Various names are bandied about; is it Tenku Razaleigh Hamzah, or will it be Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. Razaleigh has made his intention clear, he wants to oust Badawi, but as for Muhyiddin he is playing a cat and mouse game. Time will tell.

Badawi and Samy Vellu are very much alike at the present moment – the only difference is the former won a seat and the latter was extinguished. Both are Presidents of their own parties and there the difference ends. Badawi is visibly challenged, there could be more than two contenders, if Razaleigh and Muhiyiddin fit the bill, what then about Najib, is her going to allow these two strong contenders call the shorts and he becomes the referee or does he want to go into the ring and slug it out as well. The only thing bad about Najib is that he has lost the blessings of his godfather Mahathir. Mahathir was hoping Najib will be his proxy to fight Badawi, but Najib by his support of Badawi has turned the tables on his former bass. Najib had his future well planned; the premiership will drop on his laps once Badawi is forced out and why rock the boat to indicate his dislike for Badawi. December is a long way to go, Najib is already practicing for the big day, and the spectators both in the UMNO, who will get centre seat, and the people are gleefully rubbing their hands for a good fight.

Turning the attention to MIC, everything is bleak. Samy leads, he wants to stay, he says MIC and the people support him, from time to time he sheds crocodile tears like a father for his children who have strayed. He talks about the ISA detainees, it hurts him, he sees the tears of Indian suffering, he wants to cry along with them. A sample of his woeful, tearful, and pathetic cry is carried in today’s papers.

“They have to think of everybody and not someone whom they like.

“They must see the tears in the eyes of the Indian community. I have seen it, cried and sat with them and did whatever they wanted,” he said.

“They (the people) need the government support. They must not make the same mistakes as before and should fulfil the promises made as soon as possible,

Glycerine prices must have gone up now especially in Samy’s favourite shopping mall or shop near his house. Nowadays he is teary eyed and his eyes are always red; please Samy stop this crying you can be wrongly diagnosed for glaucoma. His entourage of followers the once mighty deputy ministers and parliamentary secretaries have gone a mourning too, no statements, no assurances, a dutiful and faithful lot, who carry out the rich traditions of the Indians especially in times of distress. Words can never pacify the lost, silence is golden.

But let me come out of the dramatic woefulness, of MIC, Samy and gang. It may be good material for a movie story to be directed by Shanker, K.S.Ravikumar or Bharathiraja, movie directors from Tamil Nadu, but here in Malaysia life is real and not a drama by Samy, who incidentally excels in this, his earlier years were spend on the drama stage.

Samy is brave. There are no successors to his place. Kings are replaced when they die, but a political party must have changes. Samy hates changes. MIC is his bolster or Dutch wife for him to sleep. He cannot forego his loving Dutch wife. So then Indians, we have to wait.


By Patrick Jonas

April 07, 2008
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PRIME Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s position looks wobbly.

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Picture: AP Shaky: Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Stung by the stunning losses (four states and the ruling coalition’s two-thirds majority in parliament) in the recent elections, Umno is looking for ways to rejuvenate the party.

But who will be the one to attempt the final push?

One man has already started to stir the pot – senior Umno leader Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah has said he wants an open election for the top post.

And there is another man who may be a contender – International Trade and Industry Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin. So far it looks like he has been hedging his bets.

Last Sunday, Mr Muhyiddin, who is also Umno’s senior vice-president, supported calls for the divisional quota to be scrapped.

Under this provision, a potential party presidential candidate must secure at least 30 per cent of nominations from all the 58 party divisions. This makes it difficult to secure a nomination.

At the same time, he has told the media that speculation that Mr Abdullah would step down as prime minister was irresponsible.

Former prime minister Mahathir Mohammad has named Mr Muhyiddin as a potential candidate for the Umno presidency. There is growing speculation in Malaysia that he will be one of the candidates for the top job if the quota system is scrapped.

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Part of the old guard: Mr Muhyiddin is also Umno’s senior vice-president.

SMSes have been flying around in Kuala Lumpur, saying he will be teaming up with Mr Razaleigh.

Mr Muhyiddin, however, dismissed these as an April Fool’s joke.

‘Whatever it is, it doesn’t come from me and the words are not from me. Maybe some mischievous people want to do something,’ he told reporters in KL on Thursday.

Most analysts think Mr Muhyiddin will not contest the top job. They think it will be Mr Razaleigh who will challenge Prime Minister Abdullah.

Dr Ooi Kee Beng, Fellow at the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, Singapore, told The New Paper on Sunday: ‘Tan Sri Muhyiddin is very much an Abdullah man, so it is hard to interpret his move as a challenge to the prime minister.

‘The situation is such that Mr Abdullah cannot possibly avoid a challenge from within, most probably from Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, and perhaps others as well.

‘Mr Abdullah’s chances are far from dismal against this Umno veteran who had once left the party.

‘What an open contest for the party presidency will mean is that all posts, including the deputy presidency, will be up for grabs. This might be what Mr Muhyiddin might be hoping to take advantage of.’

Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Associate Professor Mohammad Agus Yusoff agrees. He said: ‘I don’t think Mr Muhyuddin will contest as a candidate against Pak Lah. He is only conveying the people’s message that the quota system should go and there should be an open contest.’

Prof Yusoff is of the view that it will be a contest with Mr Razaleigh. He sees Mr Muhyiddin coming in as deputy prime minister.

However, if one is to read carefully the statements that Mr Muhyiddin has been making of late, it is clear he is harbouring ambitions for the top job.


In the event of a close fight, Mr Muhyiddin might emerge has a compromise candidate.

Mr Muhyiddin is said to have a solid grassroots network. He also belongs to the old guard of the party.

He has a strong support base which he has built up since his days as Mentri Besar of Johor from 1986 to 1995. He continues to maintain this support base and many see his credibility and background as his strength.

On Thursday when he was asked by the media whether he will be aiming for a higher position in the polls, his answer was: ‘I will contest but I didn’t say what I will contest for.

‘I want to see what I can do for the party. That is more important.

‘I am considering how to save Umno, the Malays, Islam and the country… What is the point of being president when the party is destroyed and people don’t respect us.’

The Electric New Paper, Singapore – The Electric New Paper News

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