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Samy to defend post one last time

Honestly, I did not want to post on this ludicrous claim of Sami Vellu, who wants to hang on till 2012, at the time he will be 77 years old, tottering about. It is not my wish to say bad of old people as every one of us will face old age, including me. At a time when he should be playing around with his grandchildren, I wonder if he has got any, and taking life easy, he is deluding himself putting on a big show how the country would miss his involvement with politics, somebody so special, so knowledgeable, an icon, a demi-god, but the greatest is, he is the saviour of the Indians. I know politicians are incongruous liars, and in maintaining their status turn into scums of the gutters. His 32 years of rule was a failure, and Indians know he has driven them to obscurity, and damnation.

Mahathir created havoc and today people are clamouring for his blood. Samy is no Mahathir, and just the Telecoms shares and Maika can string him to a tree. Being in a vulnerable position why can’t he go away. He has made enough money and at the age of 72 and the proceeds of his investment, ahem corruption, live like a monarch. You have swindled the Indians, let them come out of it, they don’t require a saviour. They threw shoes at him, abused him, called him names, is that not enough. What is he trying to prove.

I read the the Tamil paper Malaysia Nanban today. There was condemnation after condemnation on his wanting to carry on. There was not one person supporting him.

Let me start with V.Govindaraj, his one time drama companion and a close friend. He says, Samy Vellu wanted to go away, when he was not required by the Indians, and now he is adamant to stick on till 2012. This is tantamount to demolishing MIC, and the young leaders and supporters will have no respect for him. People won’t forgive him.

Our good friend KS Nallakaruppan, has good words for Subra, Subra should not have joined again with Samy Vellu.

Awang Selamat quoted in Malaysiaanban says, UMNO, Gerakan, and MCA leaders have gone, why must Samy remain.

Another chap Loganathan, from Sungei Siput, has the following:

  • Samy wants to bring in Vel Pari his son in 3 years
  • Samy has lost the respect of the Indians, is a dictator, and since he has declared anyone can contest, has only eyes for his son.
  • He is not bothered what happens to the Indian community, he wants to indulge in power
  • Samy will start a cleansing of MIC’s foes
  • MIC is not his own party
  • MIC is lost

Another chap Arumugam, sorry he is a Datuk, says why is Samy fighting to free the Hindraf Detainees, he should have done that when in the cabinet. He is only doing this to camouflage his defeat.

So, in a nutshell, is Samy deaf, dumb, thick skinned,not human, a walking lifeless man, who cannot read the responses of the people.

Samy to defend post one last time

Apr 4, 08 7:22pm

Embattled MIC president S Samy Vellu is not ready to thrown in the towel just yet.

image The 72-year-old politician today said he will be defending his post for the last time in the presidential elections in March next year.

The former works minister reiterated that it would be his last term leading the party and that he would not contest in the next general election.

“I will definitely contest for the president’s post. I’ve already said I will retire after 2012.

“But I will not contest anymore in the general election. It’s enough,” he was quoted as saying by Bernama.

Samy Vellu, who lost in the Sungai Siput parliamentary seat in last month’s general election, said he welcomed contest from anyone who wanted to challenge him for the top post which he had held for 27 years.

“Let anyone contest, I don’t want to say who will contest or what. Anybody can contest and I will be very happy because I want to see what strength they have,” he said.

Rebuild the party

He was returned unopposed in the presidential election for the 10th consecutive term, making him the longest-serving MIC president.

Samy Vellu said he would be choosing candidates for the next general election should the 13th general election be held before or in 2012.

“I will still be deciding on the candidates, then I say goodbye,” he said.

As for now, the MIC supremo said he would be focusing on overhauling the party at all levels, starting with a series of meetings with grassroots leaders from next month.

Samy Vellu said he would revamp the state MIC liaison committees after the party’s general assembly in July.

He also said the party had set a target to rope in at least 200,000 young members in the next two years as part of the drive to rejuvenate the largest Indian-based party to remain relevant to the community.

The party suffered a blow in the March 8 general election, winning only three of the nine parliamentary seats and seven of the 19 state seats.

“We want to overhaul the party and have changes in the leadership,” said Samy Vellu. “I am happier now. I am able to do more work and contribute to the party.”

Samy to defend post one last time

Samy Vellu, MIC


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