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Yes, why. Who twisted the image, are they going Scott free, a concrete thing can be twisted, and what is this wrong interpretation, questions..questions..questions…but no answers.Zahid, you must come out with something better.
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Ikim to help Islam Hadhari

Meanwhile, Zahid commented that his first official visit to Institute of Islamic Understanding (Ikim) was very positive.
He revealed that many quarters said that Islam Hadhari was among the factors which contributed to Barisan Nasional’s recent setback at the 2008 elections.
“In the 2004 election, Islam Hadhari contributed to the success of Barisan Nasional but we noted that during the last elections the image of Islam Hadhari was twisted by some people,” said Zahid.
“As such, Ikim will be asked to help translate certain principles of Islam Hadhari into actions.”
“This is to ensure that Islam Hadhari is not merely a concept but something which is more concrete,” he added. “Hadhari is about civilisations and many have wrongly interpreted it.”
Apart from Islam Hadhari, Ikim will also be asked to hold more inter-faith dialogues to promote better understanding of Islam.
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