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Funny is it not, that anything that now comes out from Samy Vellu’s mouth, is not taken seriously, dismissed with a laugh, confirms his character as a non-entity, and his inability to speak with sincerity. This man has lost his integrity with the Indians and leaders of UMNO, and now whatever statement he makes is like a dog howling to the moon, the people hear it, different reactions come to mind, fear, amusement, inquisitive thoughts, but after a moment nobody cares as if the howling is part of the environmental noise. So Samy has passed on to that category of being insignificant.

Samy in the past, cannot be said to be a leader well liked, but tolerated and anger arose in individuals when he talked about tolls, why people must pay high tolls and I remember there was a caricature of him sitting in a toll booth and collecting toll after he was defeated in the elections.

MIC was his territory, there the people revered him, kow-towed to him, only short of lying prostrate at his feet – a feature well documented in the Tamil Nadu government of ex Jayalalitha.

A newspaper advertisement before the elections warned the Indians, you are about to disintegrate, pay a heavier price, and do you want PAS.

But today we hear a different Samy, a God for the Indians -what a fast transformation from night to day; a total turn around and so fast. While thinking about this I read the following in Tamil:

உள்ளம் தீ எரிய உதடு பழம் சொரிய

‘Ullam thee eria, uthadu palam soriya’ The translation is, the heart burns like fire, but without showing it out, the lips sound sweet words. The irritation of the heart is not exposed – hidden, speaking good to hide the original intentions.

Is my assessment of Samy correct?


Indian Community Back With BN If Govt Meets MIC’s Requests, Says Samy Vellu

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 (Bernama) — The Barisan Nasional (BN) will get back the support of the Indian community if the government meets some of the requests made by the MIC under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.
Party president Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu said the requests included expediting measures to increase equity for the Indians through provision of a fund and the setting up a foundation like Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB).
“This is crucial because MIC feels the Indian equity has dropped to 1.2 percent from the previous 1.5 percent,” he told reporters after chairing an MIC meeting at the party headquarters here Thursday.
He said the move was to help increase the Indian equity to three percent by 2010.
On loans for small and medium enterprises (SME), Samy Vellu said he was disappointed that many applications from Indians were either rejected or not entertained.
He said he would lead a delegation to meet Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department, Senator Datuk Amirsham A. Aziz to discuss MIC’s requests.

Indian Community Back With BN If Govt Meets MIC’s Requests, Says Samy Vellu ::

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  1. Though samy was aware of all happennings around him he could not do much to fight for the community. if had dared, his past wrongdoing kept secret by UMNOputras could have been opened for public view and feedback. Gagged orders to speak against BN. otherwise he would have been reprimanded and humilated similar to Sothinathan , Devamani. Parliamentarians, cannot voice their views in parliament. If you do you’ll be screwed.

  2. Dear Sheen

    Are you suggesting Samy kept quiet to satisfy UMNO; if this be so, he is more to blamed for misleading the Indian community that selling out the community. Just for the sake of 1 person can 2 million people suffer.

    Samy is to be blamed for asserting he is the leader of the Indians, when only he mattered, the others can go the dogs.

    Now he wants to remain for another 5 years, to seal the fate of the Indians. Samy sold his soul, I hope he understands.

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