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A doctor must  have highest standards of professional conduct, and one of that is to save lives. A child with congenital heart disease requires immediate medical attention, and if this cannot be provided in this country, the next best thing is to send the child to a place where such medical attention is available. Dr Khoo is concerned about the move which he claims is detrimental for the development of comprehensive cardiac care in this country. If a child dies for want of treatment, will the MMA president be liable for that death. He is treating the sick child as a commodity.

Sending Patients To India Not A Very Wise Move, Says MMA

KUALA LUMPUR, April 3 (Bernama) — The Health Ministry’s plan to send patients to India for heart surgeries would only hamper the local cardiac and healthcare industry, the Malaysia Medical Association (MMA) said Thursday.
Its president Datuk Dr Khoo Kah Lin in a statement here said the move was retrogressive and contradicted the government’s aim to promote the country as a health tourism destination.
“Sending patients overseas might solve the immediate problem for a while but will be detrimental for the development of comprehensive cardiac care in this country.
“Malaysia has been working hard to position itself as a health tourism destination. “This move of sending our citizens overseas is going to send the wrong signals and hurt the efforts grievously,” he said in response to Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai’s statement on Wednesday that children born with congenital heart disease would be sent to India for treatment as a last resort if it is not possible to schedule for their treatment here.
It was reported that the cost per child in India, including surgery, airfare and treatment would only amount to RM10,000 compared to about RM17,000 at the National Heart Institute (IJN) here and up to RM45,000 at private hospitals.
Dr Khoo said instead of making the relative cost an excuse, the government itself should be working on ways to come up with competitive cost packages for such surgery.

Sending Patients To India Not A Very Wise Move, Says MMA ::

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  1. Dont worry Datok…..they will stop the program after the first few die….they obviously dont know the mortality rate at Narayana…..they are just taken up by the marketing hype and sophisticated equipment and of course the cheap price…….like many outside India….what a laugh……Here in South India we know what’s going on…..I wonder what is the crime for sending someone across the ocean to their death……can we hang Ismail Merican and the Health Minister then……

  2. Dear k119

    Is it so. How come Dr Khoo did not know this.

  3. The conditions mentioned here are not far too away from the Indian scenario..,

    United Nations-MDG..this might interest you…
    One of the darkest characteristics of poverty is that is seems to prey on the vulnerable and defenseless. In low-income countries, one out of every 10 children dies before the age of five. In wealthier nations, this number is only one out of 143.
    I think its high time we all individually or collectively Stand Up and Speak Out for our rights

    This will help all you people on this blog to do something along with the United Nations in your locality.
    Check this

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