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Nazri is at his best. After a hiatus that lasted for nearly a month, he comes out with new theories on why the ruling party Barisan Nasional failed miserably at the polls. Let me summarise; 


  • his outbursts in Parliament did not affect the bad performance
  • proof is his winning at Padang Rengas
  • UMNO did not lose
  • some seats were lost because of seat allocation to component parties
  • particularly MIC, knowing it would lose, yet seats were allocated
  • had it not been for MIC the ruling Barisan Nasional would have worn these seats


I am more than surprised at the way he is trying to wrangle his way out of the situation. Those who view You Tube, will know, the antics of this ex de facto Law Minister. His uncouth rage, his inappropriate language not befitting his training as a student of law, and his arguments which had no rhyme or reason. Bluntly put, he behaved like an unschooled tyrant, out of place in  a reputable entity, parliament house. He was responsible, with a few more others, to drag parliament to a low level of existence, treating not only parliamentarians and the people at large as school boys who need to be told how parliament must conduct its affairs. Having created a ruckus, he quietly claims he is blameless. So much so, he had the privilege of being shown as a comedian and nothing else. The people were not impressed. Parliament became a mad-house and he assumed the lead. Badawi showed him the exit by bringing in Datuk Zaid Ibrahim making him a Minister. Is this proof enough.

He won at Padang Rengas. Here I guess he could gaze at the crystal ball well Read this Bernama report. He met the Indian community and perhaps they were charitable.

He must be crazy to suggest UMNO did not lose. If UMNO had won, why are 5 states under opposition. Somebody has to pinch him to wake him up.

Seat allocation is another matter raised. Yes the component parties which includes UMNO as well, lost, but this did not happen due to his antics in Parliament. Correct,correct,correct. His action was only a drop in the ocean that caused the tsunami, how could he be blamed.

MIC is the main culprit. What about MCA, Gerakan and PPP, are they blameless.

The fact remains he was in the losing team and whatsoever he may say, to calm his nerves, he is partly to blame for the tsunami.   




Nazri denies he’s quitting, says not to blame


PARIT BUNTAR: Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz has denied talk that he is quitting his ministerial post.

He dismissed talk that he would resign to take responsibility for hard-hitting remarks he had made in the past that could have cost Umno and the Barisan Nasional support in the recently-concluded general election.

Nazri said the losses suffered had nothing to do with anything he had said.

Stressing that his victory in the Padang Rengas parliamentary seat was proof of that, Nazri said: “I won, I didn’t lose. If it had been any statements that I made, I would have lost.”

“Remember, Umno did not lose. Don’t talk as if we lost.”

However, he noted that the Barisan did lose some seats because it had stayed true to its promise on seat allocations among component parties.

“For example, we already knew that the Indian community did not support the MIC but still we kept to our promise.

“Umno did not take back the Malay-majority seats but allowed the MIC to contest although we could have won them,” he told reporters after handing out aid to 124 storm victims in his constituency here on Friday.

Nazri denies he’s quitting, says not to blame

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