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MoU With Five Opposition-held States Will Be Terminated – Azalina ::

Azalina is a smart lady who is indifferent to her looks, even without a nose, obviously she has got her paramour and need not worry about her looks. But sports is another kettle of fish. She wants to practice a mild form of apartheid by segregating the 5 states forgetting the people there also contribute towards making it possible to dish out RM 1 million to each state. Good news for the 5 states,the people’s burden will be lightened, you can proportionately reduce the amount paid in taxes. Wonder why she was not made the Finance Minister to replace Badawi.

This is going to be another story of Idris Jusoh, Terengganu wang ehsan, and direct control by Azalina. Smart lady she is. 

MoU With Five Opposition-held States Will Be Terminated – Azalina

KUALA LUMPUR April 2 (Bernama) — The Tourism Ministry will terminate all memoranda of understanding (MoU) signed with contractors and operators of tourism activities in the five states held by the Opposition.
Its minister, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said said the ministry would also set up new committees under the State Tourism Councils aimed at monitoring tourism activities in the states.
This was necessary as the ministry feared that the Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor and Kelantan state governments might not accept the national tourism plan.
“Tourism activities in the five states will be run by individuals appointed by the ministry and all MoUs signed will be terminated,” Azalina said after the ministry’s post-Cabinet meeting here Wednesday.
The State Tourism Action Councils set up in 2002, were chaired by the chairmen of the respective state tourism committees, with an annual allocation of RM1 million for each state to implement tourism policies drawn up by the ministry.

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