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Mat Taib jabs Dr M, defends Pak Lah

Mike Tyson has paid his master well. Mahathir got him out as Mentri Besar Selangor, and Badawi brought him by the back door and gave him a ministerial post. He owes everything to Badawi. He has now paid him, the first instalment, many more will come. In the picture he smiles, wonder how one can do that, there is so much of filth and mud that he carried while being the Mentri Besar and today you claim innocence, and want to be counted as a leader. I wonder if his staff in the ministry are not giggling behind his back, a corrupted man with a history and now becomes a Minister. Well he has started his game and Mahathir is not going to be quiet, or yes Raja Petra will have something to say. Be prepared Mike Tyson, your life as a Minister is going to be exciting.

Mat Taib jabs Dr M, defends Pak Lah

Fauwaz Abdul Aziz | Apr 2, 08 8:07pm

Umno information chief Muhammad Muhd Taib today lashed out at former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad for launching scathing attacks on his successor Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

muhammad muhd taibDefending his party president during a press conference at his Rural And Regional Development Ministry in Putrajaya, Muhammad said people should stop pointing fingers at Abdullah.

“What Mahathir and people are doing now is very, very wrong. It is not fair to point fingers at one person when everybody knows there were many contributing factors.

“It is very unfair to dump the blame on the PM. This is unfair and done in bad faith,” he said.

Muhammad was referring to “unfair” comments from Mahathir made at a forum yesterday on how Abdullah was shameless in refusing to resign for Barisan Nasional’s biggest election setback last month.

‘Not a level playing field’

He pointed out that there were also other contributing factors to BN’s performance including the role played by bloggers, news portals and short messaging service (SMS).

“It wasn’t a level-playing field (between the BN and opposition). BN did not use the portals, SMS and ICT (information and communications technology) to the fullest,” he said.

Muhammad noted that the BN lost in the “virtual elections” while opposition had cashed in on using video CDs showing temple demolitions which caused the swing of Indian voters.

abdullah ahmad badawi polling day vote 080308 05The former Selangor mentri besar also questioned why are the people picking on Abdullah when other leaders have also previously lost in the elections.

“We lost Terengganu in 1999. How come nobody asked Mahathir to step down then? When PAS lost Terengganu in 2004, how come nobody told (PAS spiritual leader) Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat to step down?” he quizzed.

Muhammad noted that Mahathir was a good leader but his comments are not helping the party at this particular time.

“We are trying to fight one person but our guru is hitting us at the same time. Nobody can call for Mahathir to be disciplined because he is kebal (untouchable). This is too much,” he told reporters.

Football analogy

Asked whether ‘yes-men’ in the party had made Abdullah’s administration different from his predecessor, Muhammad said ‘no’.

mahathir interview 050308“The ‘yes-men’ did not make a difference to the administration. I was under Mahathir since 1982 for 11 years. I think the way they did business and dealt with things is almost the same,” he asserted.

“Leaders are saying things that are pedas (scathing), bebankan (burdensome) and they label Pak Lah with all kinds of labels. That’s unfair,” he added.

The Umno veteran also said that what some party leaders are trying to do in abolishing the nominations quota system is like changing the rules of a football game.

“It is like changing the rules […] and the goalpost itself while the game is going on. It should happen after the game,” he said.

With that, Muhammad stressed that the abolition of the nominations system should be done after the party’s elections in December this year.

Mat Taib jabs Dr M, defends Pak Lah

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