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Viets ‘held without cause’


The Immigration Napoleons are at it again. They go around snooping at Pasar Pudu, see these two Vietnamese women and suddenly out of the blue, they become duty conscious, and check the travel documents which are in order. They leave. Everything is in order. That should have been the end of the story.

But the mega serial is not over yet. It continues half-an-hour later, another group of 5 officers arrive and take the girls away. Apparently the first group was lacking in knowledge or were slack, or plain inefficient, or just dumb bells. This is what the Enforcement chief must investigate. There are a lot illegal immigrants in this country, and with ineffective enforcement, as proven by the first group, these illegal immigrants still stay. What would have happened if the second group had not come by, these 2 Vietnamese women will not be in Semenyih detention camp.

Ishak the enforcement chief should tell the people what had happened to the first 2 officers, either they should leave enforcement and do other duties or should be retrained to be efficient.

MCA Chong has condemned the action so the weakness is not with the women but the department. So, even the second group of officers have bungled in their duties. All 7 men must be disciplined. As I see it, illegal immigrants is a problem caused by the enforcement officers.

Syed Hamid Albar the new Minister should seriously look into the matter as the Director Ishak may tend to cover up the weakness in his department. 


Tuesday April 1, 2008

Viets ‘held without cause’


KUALA LUMPUR: Immigration officers detained a trader’s Vietnamese wife and her visiting cousin although they had valid legal documents to prove their stay in the country.

Ng Lai Lian, 55, was at Pasar Pudu manning his apparel stall when Immigration officers arrived in a truck.

Ng’s wife and her cousin, who was visiting for a month, were at the stall with him.

“I like to have my wife around, as I am very attached to her,” said Ng who married Nguyen Thi Phuong, 21, here in December last year.

Missing his wife: Ng holding up pictures of his wife and her cousin as Chong (right) discusses a point with witness Yong Chee Miang in Kuala Lumpur.

Ng said this at a press conference after seeking help from MCA Public Services and Complaints Department head Datuk Michael Chong.

He said two plainclothes officers approached them to check Nguyen and her cousin’s papers. Ng produced the valid documents and the officers left.

Half an hour later, five officers, also in plainclothes, came to the stall.

“They ignored me when I told them that two officers had earlier checked their passes and were satisfied,” said Ng.

“They told me to go to the immigration office in Putrajaya if I had any complaints,” said Ng.

When he went to the immigration office in Putrajaya it was closed, as it was a Saturday.

He went back yesterday and was referred to the immigration office in Semenyih as his wife was being detained at the Semenyih detention camp.

At the camp, he saw his wife for 10 minutes. His next attempt to see her was denied as he could not produce approval letters from the immigration department in Putrajaya.

Chong said the high-handed manner in which the officers conducted themselves was a shame to the country’s image.

He urged Immigration Department enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed to investigate the matter urgently.

When contacted, Ishak said he would conduct a thorough investigation.

Viets ‘held without cause’


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