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Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Samy: I’m not dead


This is a Sun Newspaper articled quoted in Malaysia Today. It was posted at 6.15 PM yesterday, as I write this there are about 45 comments on the article. Not one comment has anything good to say of Samy Vellu. Every word used is venomous, vicious and spiteful. It is just cuss words as if the writers are on a warpath to set something right that hitherto has been overlooked. I do not believe in curses having any effect on the recipient, although when something happens bad to a person it is common to say ‘well he deserves it, he did not notice it coming, his past doings-lah, his karma what you sow you reap etc’. If this curse words had worked or had  been true, Samy must by now disintegrated to dust or at least his physical image would have shrunk by a couple of inches. Nothing has happened so far. He stands as a solid rock undaunted by all criticism, and puts up a brave front.


But what about the listeners at the gathering he addresses, do they have the same type of revulsion taking every word uttered with a pinch of salt or do they curse under their breath. It is hard to say. Do the MIC members, sit up and take notes, hanging on every word that comes out as gospel truth. Or, do they, dismiss him with a shrug that he is just blabbering.


During the short span of time blogging and reading comments, I have not seen another individual, particularly politicians, vilified as much as Samy, and condemned. Good old Samy takes it in the stride. But as a leader of MIC the party suffers, if all and sundry are not satisfied with a leader, the group he leads suffers as well. There is no Integrity and if it is not Samy, any other person or any card holding member coming out with any statement or comment gets a walloping as well. A leader must decide when he is not welcomed any more, and putting aside considerations of  all that he has done for the party, the people, the long hours spend as a workaholic, his emotional or personal ties to the party must cease. 


A strong decision must be taken, this is the party I led for 32 years, do I want it to continue and be relevant, or do I drag it along with me until it becomes a memory or another insignificant NGO. Samy must decide. The work now he is doing is similar to pushing back the paste that you have pressed out from a tooth paste tube.       


     Samy: I’m not dead

Posted by kasee

Sunday, 30 March 2008

(The Sun) KUALA LUMPUR (March 30, 2008): “I’m still very alive, I’m not dead, you understand? I’m alive! I’m alive! I’m a workaholic and I will work for the community all the time,” said MIC president Datuk Seri S.Samy Vellu.

He made the more than 160 grassroots leaders from all over the country sit up in their seats while delivering his keynote address to a MIC Divisional Leaders’ Workshop titled “Rebranding the MIC” on the party’s headquarters today.

Samy Vellu also issued advice and pointers for the party’s new journey at all levels – branches, divisions, for state executive councillors, and even for the three leaders who were appointed to the new cabinet.

He said among the people’s concerns were employment issues involving the Social Security Organisation, youth training, the welfare of estate workers, the lack of employment for Indians in the government and micro-businesses finding it hard to manage.

“In squatter housing areas, there will be 10 Indian shops but once they are relocated to flats or new houses, there is only one shop, if they are lucky.
“How are businesses to grow this way?” Samy Vellu cited an example.

Reminding the participants that the party is “guardian for the Indian community and only we can voice for the Indians,” Samy Vellu said the MIC will establish an Implementation Coordination Committee (ICC) to review and analyse community needs and requests through divisional leaders’ submissions.

He said the ICC will meet on a bi-monthly basis and MIC will continue its ‘Meet-The-People Session’ on Tuesdays from April to listen to the concerns of the people.

“MIC recognises that there are many unresolved community concerns and it is in addressing these concerns that MIC launched ‘An Agenda for Action to Address the Socio-Economic Disadvantages of Malaysian Indians’ which is comprehensive and will be implemented with the Federal Government’s assistance,” he said.

At a press conference later, Samy Vellu revealed his plans of going on a nationwide roadshow “from state to state and district to district” and expressed confidence of working with former deputy MIC president Datuk S. Subramaniam despite their supporters having disagreements amongst each other.

“Just because two or three people cannot see eye-to-eye, it doesn’t mean all of them cannot agree.

“I’m very confident that we will do well and if you want, I can call the whole membership in. You just give me a few months after I visit state to state,” he said.

Asked when he would hand the party reins over, he replied: “I will lead the party until I die. People want me to die earlier but because of you, I will not die”.
“If the opposition doesn’t care about race issues, why are they going back to what BN is doing?

“Why only one Indian (state exco) in Perak, only one in Penang and one in Selangor? There must be three fellows!

“In one month (since the elections), I learnt a lot about how to tell lies to people and attract them but we do not do that,” Samy Vellu added.

Malaysia Today: Your source of independent news – Samy: I’m not dead


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  1. ““I will lead the party until I die….”

    What type of attitude is this?

    Is MIC a monarchy?

    Did His Majesty Samy Vellu inherit MIC from His Majesty Sangalimuthu?

    This old hyena deserves all the bashings from the people.

  2. Dear GV

    There is a Tamil saying that goes:

    Nalla Penuku Oru Sol
    Nalla maatuku Oru Adi

    A good girl requires a word to perform and for the cow a singe swish of the cane is good enough. Those who have intelligence and feeling will understand when you are not wanted.

    Samy is neither of these, a good girl or a cow – what can be done?

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