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Perak: DAP assemblyman quits


So, what does he want to do? Join Barisan Nasional, join PAS, PKR or remain as independent, he should have said this in his statement. This political manoeuvring is not at all good for Indians and the people of Buntong. Remember it was not only Indians who voted you in. PAS, PKR and DAP are three parties forming a coalition and with the limited exco seats, not all can sit there.


Forgetting the party he represents, he should have thought of those who voted him in. Once selected his ego is up is it, being an assemblyman, what about the poor voters who thought they will be represented. You should have resigned rather than playing this political game. Remember your name will be remembered for a very long time. People with short fuses don’t make good assemblyman.

Perak: DAP assemblyman quits

Mar 31, 08 12:46pm

breaking news In a major blow to DAP, newly-elected Buntong state assemblyperson A Sivasubramaniam has quit the party because only a single Indian was appointed to Perak’s state cabinet.

In a letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, Sivasubramaniam claimed that DAP Perak chief Ngeh Khoo Ham had reneged on his promise to appoint two Indian Malaysians in the state executive council.

“This is a major blow and a lie to the Perak Indian community,” stated the disgruntled DAP leader in his letter, a copy of which was made available to Malaysiakini.

Perak: DAP assemblyman quits




  1. Sure this dude have been paid ….
    to joint with BN.

  2. Shame on you, Sivasubramaniam. You have the name of your god but you haven’t acted honourably at all. Don’t you understand? It’s not about Indians or Chinese or Malays. It’s about Malaysians. You could have been an assemblyman for all races (and yes, if you want to fight for Indians, that’s fine too). But instead you have become a politician for yourself. This is a selfish move and smacks of corruption. Who bought you out? And how much did you cost them? The people trusted you with their votes….You stink, Sivasubramaniam.

  3. `In a letter to DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, he claimed that DAP Perak chief Ngeh Khoo Ham had reneged on a promise to appoint two exco members from the Indian community.’

    Discontent is bound to arise if the leadership breached its promise; but the leadership should have taken steps to avoid the discontent to blow up to this extent.

    `It is learnt that DAP Perak leadership is holding talks with Sivasubramaniam to convince him to reconsider his decision.’

    Holding talks with Sivasubramaniam to convince him to reconsider his decision is good but the leadership should have convinced him not to resign in the first place.

    (Excerpts: Malaysiakini)

  4. this guy betray all people in buntong.
    now he use the “indians excuse”
    we are trying to become a united malaysian
    this guy says he works for indians only
    he should step down for someone who can work for all races.
    what a waste of an “indian guy”
    No wonder they are calling him SNAKE
    bad name for indians also.

  5. `Buntong assemblyman A. Sivasubramaniam, who earlier quit all posts in the DAP, has retracted his resignation.

    He was scheduled to hold a press conference Monday evening to explain his about-turn.’ – Star Online


  6. Dear jenice,

    This fellow is a traitor of the worst kind. This will be the last the people will select him. If he has been bought, I am afraid it is blood money, of the Buntong people.

  7. Dear Friends

    Thank you for your comment. I will reply you a bit later.

  8. I duno about Sivasub, what his motivations are etc. But I do know that the number of Chinese, Indians and Malays in the cabinet/exco does concern each community. To snicker away this concern is too simplistic, if not idealistic. Race still matters, whether we like it or not. It mattered in the 11th GE, and still mattered in the 12th GE. My take on this is here:

  9. Dear tzarina

    Those were beautiful arguments in your blog. The problem here is, not numbers but effectiveness. Yes we had MIC Indians – I am getting paranoid, MIC Indians, are they quite different from people like you and me, but there were times when Indians were bashed into a pulp by the ruling party, and the privileged MIC Indians fiddled their thumbs and fingers, uneasy and unpleasant, but their supplication to the Master was too powerful and looked up the ceiling as if they were not in parliament. Two blokes namely Sothinathan and Devamony spoke up and I am sure you know what they went through.

    More than numbers, of course I contribute to more the merrier concept, I wish each Indian who is there will speak up and be counted.

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