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History is being made in the political scenery of Malaysia. I am referring to the proximity of the Indians towards PAS the Islamic party. Indians are fearful of PAS, yes fearful, that Indians would never benefit from the country being ruled by PAS which will turn the country into a full fledged Islamic nation, and non-Muslims will have to eat humble pie at the hands of PAS. Freedom of the individual under PAS will be cemented by Islamic principles, no this, no that, until the Indian identity will be no more, and you have to subjugated to Islamic principles of life. Anybody can say, the Koran is fair to all religions, it was even so when the religion was formulated 1400 years ago in Arabia. Unfortunately, Indians don’t know any Koran or they have not read it, and feel their religious believes will be compromised. Indians are idol worshipers, they pray to many Gods and this is against Islam, Indians drink alcohol for them it is nothing wrong, their ladies consume alcohol after child birth, even alcohol is offered to prayers to those who are not with us. Islam agrees to beef, but for a Indian of Hindu origin, the cow is a mother and they don’t consume its meat. The list is endless, comparing them will take a book.

So with all these fears is it justified the Indians fear Islam and PAS. Please,please,please, anybody but PAS. They might not hate PAS as such, because they do not know what is in store for them, but it is a definite no for PAS.

PAS forayed into Indian territory, and the person who broke the duck was Miss Kumutha Raman, Star paper states her name as Kumutha a/p Rahman, and I was perplexed, yes Indian but an Indian Muslim. Anyhow I believe she is Indian and not a Muslim. She was selected by PAS as a candidate, she stood for election in a state seat under PKR but unfortunately lost. Things would have been different if she had stood in Penang, Kedah, Perak or Selangor. Any way she lost. The video below shows this lady addressing a big crowd of PAS supporters. I wonder how many were Indians. Of course in the elections there were many Indians wearing PAS t-shirts and campaigning for the party, not forgetting that PAS could garner this popularity and the Indians were partially or in some cases totally responsible.

The second surprise is the Kampung Jebong MIC branch in Simpang here was officially dissolved when 110 of its members quit the party to become members of “Kelab Penyokong PAS” (PAS Supporters Club). Relax, they are not PAS members but supporters. Tell me, if PAS were to be a party for all irrespective of religion, why is there this supporters thing. Hello, remember religion and state cannot mix – this is an old age experience by people before us. So this 110 Indians are step sons to PAS, and possibly, only on conversion to Islam they would be welcomed with a hug and made full members. Come PAS please explain. In an earlier post I was worried about the Kedah Mentri Besar, and I had good reasons. He is there to govern, but what are you an anti-alcohol or gambling minister. My religion does not say so, so what gives. Or second thought did the MB during his campaigning promised he will do away with these two terrible vices, and if he had done that, and if the people had still voted him. particularly the Indians, I can only say there was this sudden microphone failure the Indians did not hear.

You have convinced Kumutha, I hope she does not adds Rahman to her name, the Kampung Jebong 110 Indians, but remember there are about 2 million Indians, who may still consider PAS as anti-Indian,unless of course you make some dramatic changes in your policy, which with the Ulamaks around is next to impossible.

Sunday March 30, 2008

MIC branch dissolved, members become PAS supporters


TAIPING: The Kampung Jebong MIC branch in Simpang here was officially dissolved when 110 of its members quit the party to become members of “Kelab Penyokong PAS” (PAS Supporters Club).

Branch chairman M. Muninathan, accompanied by committee members, submitted their application forms to Bukit Gantang MP Roslan Shaharom at a village temple here on Saturday night.

Roslan said the welfare of the former MIC branch members and members of the Indian community would be taken care of.

“We will take care of you because any problems affecting the Indian community will also affect members of the other communities,” he said.

Roslan said he was indebted to the Indian community here as more than 95% of Indian voters within the Bukit Gantang parliamentary constituency had voted for him in the recently-concluded general election.

He said members of the community had every reason to rejoice as two of the three state seats in the constituency had been won by Barisan Rakyat, and the victors — Mohd Osman Mohd Jailu (Changkat Jering) and Tai Sing Ng (Kuala Sepetang) — had been appointed exco members of the new Perak state government.

MIC branch dissolved, members become PAS supporters

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  1. Do you think PAS will be able to win 150 seats in Parliament? I don’t think so.

    People gave UMNO and its partners 50 years; why not give PAS some time – say, 5 years – in Kedah, Perak and Selangor?

  2. I note your condensing attitude towards PAS. I am not sure. The religion pull is too great, more than governing the mullahs want people to support the religion. I may be wrong, though, don’t forget a great Hindu nation, India was converted by the sword of the moghuls to Islam, but this can’t happen here. I think.

  3. Five years, in a nation’s history, is a very short period; I am willing to wait.

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