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This scheme cannot be implemented nation wide as most sub-urban areas do not have enough pharmacists

However major towns and cities can have this dispensing be done from pharmacists, as quite a number of pharmacies are around.

One important aspect is this will pharmacists provide branded and generic drugs side by side for patients to decide or generic drugs will be an under counter commodity reserved for friends.

A doctor I know charges high fees and the reason given is the medicine given is the best or what is meant is it is branded.

For a start, can Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican, make it compulsory for all Doctors to give receipts for payment and the itemized receipt must separate consultation and cost of drugs. As it is the smaller clinics around town don’t do it.

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Doctors to be disallowed from dispensing medicines

KUALA LUMPUR: Soon, doctors will not be allowed to dispense medicines. Doctors will only be allowed to prescribe medications but patients will have to get the medicines from pharmacies.

“We also have to take into consideration the welfare of patients. If we have the separation, then patients must have easy accessibility to pharmacies to get their prescribed medications,” he told the New Straits Times.

Director-General of Health Tan Sri Dr Ismail Merican said the ministry was not able to implement this system earlier due to logistics problems, especially the shortage of pharmacists and pharmacies in the country.

Furthermore, Chang said, pharmacists could help patients choose between generic and branded drugs based on their financial situation.
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  1. Yah, all those private colleges producing masses of pharmacy graduates-MCA has to find jobs for them, otherwise they will have to close down their pharmacy courses.
    For such a system to work, patients have to be literate and mobile. Think of the poor, old, infirmed, sick and handicapped people having to go to another place and wait for another half hour to get their medicine. Unless the Government plans to set up public/govt pharmacies, doctors will simply set up a pharmacy next door, and hire some one to dispense the medicine and earn more money. How does this help the consumer?

  2. Dear Mike

    Our private doctors make more money from dispensing medication than from their consultancy fees. That is why I suggested itemised bills.

    Secondly, if patients can obtain generic medicine from pharmacies, their bills will get smaller.

    Your thought of a next door pharmacy to the clinic owned by the doctor, or shared with the pharmacist, should also be looked into.

    Rural areas should stick to the present system.

    Talking about exorbitant bills I know a case where a private hospital charged RM 15 for 2 panadols. This was I repeat a private hospital.

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