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Khalid could have been a good CEO of Guthrie, is it, but it is a different kettle of fish running a state like Selangor. I am still wondering whether his forced payment for foreigners is workable, A bit too fast. As a CEO on the spot decisions are welcome, but not running a state that includs other states and the country. There must be uniformity.Anything free will be misused. Secondly the mechanism to check this will cause more than the saving the consumers will enjoy.Why not go against the Syabas, make sure they don’t overcharge and take them to court if necessary. His action is tantamount to supporting Syabas, as I get the funny feeling, 20 cubic meters free, but the next 21 meter will be what Syabas wants. Khalid are you with the people or Syabas. Toyo made his mistakes, but I hope you don’t.
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‘Free water’ effective June 1
The Selangor government will provide 20 cubic metres of free water to households in the state effective June 1 this year.
In a statement today, the Selangor menteri besar’s office said that the decision was made after a study revealed that it is a feasible plan.
khalid ibrahim selangor waterThe state government is deliberating the proper mechanism to implement this policy which has been introduced to reduce the burden of the people, especially those in the lower income group.
“However, the people must not indulge in wastage in order to preserve the state’s water source to ensure long-term supply,” read the statement.
The new policy comes amidst concerns that the water tariffs in Selangor could see a sharp spike following an agreement between the state, federal government and water concessionaire Syabas.
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  1. 20 cubic metres is about RM10 of water at current rates charged by Syabas, and probably reoresents the basic minimum requirement for a family of four.
    Remember please the MB has a degree in Economics. Knowing Malaysians, they will try to reduce their consumption so they won’t have to pay for water-free lah! In economics we call this an economic incentive to change consumer behaviour. Why don’t you give the guy a break and let him try some new policies. He can always change it if it doesn’t work e.g.reduce the amount-so don’t be too quick to critise.

  2. Dear Mike

    Thank you for your opposing views. I suppose at times one has to be daring enough to resort do unorthodox methods to put the message through that the new government is there to serve the people. But when anything is offered free the tendency is to waste because one does not meticulously count the amount of water used. We will splash at our pleasure, result, more water consumed at the end – Syabas benefits.

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