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Purge MIC of old guard to cleanse it

Indians everywhere are raising the question, what now of MIC. Is it going to be a has been party without any relevance to the political upheavals in this country or is it going to be another IPF, MUIP or PPP, which exist mainly because of the charisma of the heads concerned. Without them these parties are in a state of limbo, neither dead or alive. MIC has been in this same state of dependence of one man Samy Vellu, and as it exists it would appear that he alone is going to turn round the fortunes of the party. All the attempt to bring in S.Subramaniam is a stop gap movement, as Subra was not effective even while he was active in the party and neither is he going to infuse new ideas and dynamic moves to change the direction the party should take. Besides not having any new ideas or direction, Subra has to also conquer the teacher student relationship with his former boss. Samy was the teacher and guru for Subra and the later was carrying on with instructions from his guru. I don’t think Subra has the qualities to go over the guru and nothing much will happen with him and Samy Vellu around. Samy Vellu will dump Subra if at all MIC attains the glory of yesteryears. Samy has done that before. I doubt MIC will improve with Samy Vellu leading the party.

Samy is stubborn. He is like a newly married bridegroom not wanting to allow the bride out of his sight. He is possessive like a groom and MIC is like his bride. It will make a good story, no doubt, but realities must be faced. Samy has lost his standing, his influence, his importance and this was clearly indicated in the elections. Once knowing he is a liability he should have quietly move out. But no, perhaps he knows there are too many beneficiaries under him, who will be kicked out once he goes, as the ordinary card carrying member of MIC has had it up to here. Or, he is afraid that his past dealings inside MIC will be publicised by his lieutenants once he leaves – maybe this fear is utmost in his mind. The mega serials of Telecom shares and Maika have not reached the final instalment.

I remember some years back, a group of professionals in Ipoh started their own MIC branch, the reason being the inability of the professional group to interact with MIC in other branches. It was called Gorop Branch without identifying any particular area in Ipoh. This branch died off, I am not sure of the reason.

If Samy remains, MIC will not change. The people are angry with him not MIC as a political party. With him around, the anger is not going to subside even after many years. The other fear is eventually MIC will be another NGO when the present elected team end their term, and thereafter MIC will be looking after the welfare of the Indians.

Must this happen. Sorry to say I have no solutions for the betterment of MIC unless the obstacle of Samy is removed and maybe after that, the weed that grow alongside the vegetation can also be removed, and MIC can have a new start.


A reader send me this after reading my post. Admit you are old – referring to Samy.


Purge MIC of old guard to cleanse it

Purge MIC of old guard to cleanse it

P Waytha Moorthy | Mar 26, 08 5:04pm

We refer to the Malaysiakini report The ‘fragile’ pact to rebuild MIC.

Hindraf views the ‘fragile’ S Samy Vellu-S Subramaniam pact as no plaster-of-Paris cast to heal the ‘fractured’ Indian community which has been marginalised for the last 50 years.

The MIC echelons fail to realise that the real reason behind their loss of the Indian community’s support is the Indian Malaysian’s suppression, marginalisation and discrimination by the majority ‘bully rule’ Umno-led government of which MIC is part of.

MIC leaders have been self-serving and have never truly advocated for the basic rights of the Indian community all this while. They are equally guilty of the sins committed upon Indian Malaysian and have realised it far too late.

Urging the government to now immediately implement plans drawn out for the Indians comes at a time when the community has lost all confidence in the MIC and the government.

Samy forging a pact – however strong it may be – with Subra is no magic formula to resolve the loss of confidence in the MIC amongst the Indian community. Samy should be best advised to adopt a ‘self-imposed purge’ of all crony leaders appointed by him and rid the party of the old guards including Dato Subra.

Open up the party to young, energetic professional and courageous leaders who would speak up for the truth even if it means upsetting Umno. The failure to do this would only lead MIC into deeper isolation.

The writer is chairperson, Hindraf.



  1. An interesting picture of Samy Vellu!

  2. Dear GV

    Your picture is there now.

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