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I am not here to sit on judgement of the merits or demerits of this suicide by a young housewife. My posting here is a reminder to all men and women who are depressed and wish to end their lives or even think about it, your hasty decision has no benefits to anybody. It may be thought that ending one’s life is an end to all solutions, or it is a revengeful reaction, to make someone suffer. If thoughts of this nature come to your mind, you are very selfish, and it is a heart rendering experience to all you leave behind.  Think of the stigma and the name calling you have left behind and it will a good few years for your name to be erased from the minds of your family and friends. It is easy to think the person is no more around and what if others suffer, does it really matter. Yes it matters, from your mother, father, siblings relatives and friends. What is thought of as end to problems opens up a Pandora box of woes, anger, resentment and a nasty feeling. Even a mother regrets she gave life to a person as such.


I had this friend in love with a girl. Apparently there was some family problems in getting them married, and the boy stupidly drank poison and died. I was in the funeral procession, and by coincidence the hearse had to pass through the house the girl stayed before reaching the burial ground. I knew the girl and was wondering how bad the girl must be grieving now that the boy is gone. I was imagining weeping and wailing at the loss. How wrong was I. The girl’s family was standing in the verandah of the house as the hearse passed, and the girl in the midst was as cool as a cucumber, no emotion, no nothing, as if it was another funeral group passing the house. What a cruel girl.


Why am I relating this. Problems are there in any relationship. Face and conquer it, thereafter you will be a better person. If suicide is the answer, one can count in hundreds each day of suicidal deaths, share your problems, speak to elders, get counselling but show what you are made of. Don’t be a coward. Fight and show your worth.   

Woman leaves suicide love note for hubby

KUANTAN: “I love you, darling” and “OK, bye bye darling” – these were some of the words written on a note left by a young mother of two who was found dead here by her jobless husband. 

Anne Mary Aruldas, 20, of Taman Tas here was found motionless with a saree draped around her neck, hanging by a window grille at 3.45am yesterday.  

Police, who arrived at the house later, found the note.  

Among others, Anne Mary wrote that she loved her husband very much and hoped he would take care of their sons, aged two and seven months. 

She also wrote that now he could “hang out” until early in the morning and no one would stop him.  

OCPD Asst Comm Mohd Jasmani Yusoff confirmed the incident, adding that police had so far ruled out foul play.

Woman leaves suicide love note for hubby

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  1. Agree with your comments.

    According to a Hindraf report, the suicide rate among Indians is 21.1 per thousand in comparison to 8.6 among Chinese and 2.6 for Malays.

    Our community need to be reeducated in handling problems.

  2. Yes, I share your sentiments. Not worth taking your life. There are others out there wanting to live but sadly their days are numbered owing to life threating problems. What more if the other party can’t care a toss about you.

  3. Dear Sunitha,

    The other person may feel sad, but for a limited time, you are not taking revenge against that person, whatever that may mean, but, if you wish to prove a point live and show your guts.

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