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Dr Subra: March 8 an awakening

Morphed in the Dictionary means:
 intransitive verb: to undergo transformation; especially : to undergo transformation from an image of one object into that of another especially by means of computer-generated animation transitive verb: to change the form or character of : transform
Now there was this good Doctor from Segamat, a man of medicine, who was carrying on with his duties and responsibilities, wanted some excitement from his humdrum duties of dispensing the same medicine day in day out, and what better way to go than get involved in politics, he joined MIC, and he fell smug I am doing good and this is my minute contribution to the Indian folks who are also part of my patients.
Man proposes God disposes. He was doing well as a doctor, he was excited he was nominated for elections, now I will be a MP, more power, more influence, up and up I go from now on. This is where God comes in. He was elected, good the Doctor felt, I have arrived, everything is going my way. But God had other plans for him. His Boss the one who chose him is not around, the Bosses’ handymen are also out, what, I am the only one made to carry the burden of 2 million over Indians. Good God, he pleads I am unworthy. God smiles, you asked for it, you have it, enjoy.
Such is the unfurling news of our good Doctor from Segamat. No more writing prescriptions, now he has got to write on Government paper, though there will be some idiot who will do it for him, and this involves humans, good God I only knew patients, but never mine, I have to put up a good front. That is what he has done below. All this coming from the good doctor from Segamat.
So, this good doctor who knows more about medicine is compelled to relearn all that medicine and talk, well like Sami Vellu, after all he has followed his foot steps. The Malaysiakini report is fulfilling in a sense that he talks politics, although he cannot resist, wounds, healing, treatment, a worthy reminder that at heart he is a  medicine man.
So, please read his comments, coming from a new politician who has reached his pinnacle and feel relieved he is morphing himself from a good doctor to a wily politician called Samy Vellu, whose place he can never replace, but he can play along to the gallery, and we the people will have to tolerate him.
But what irks me is this. Symptom, diagnosis, treatment, cure – the doctors bible. Coming to the relevancy of MIC in the present day upheaval, our good doctor says, we were there but something is missing. Well my genteel readers, could you, that includes me, touch on what ails MIC, how come for 50 years Indians could take it, but now.
Every time I go to a doctor, I want a second opinion, not because the first doctor is not good, but I want to have my options open. My friend had uric acid leading to gout, a very painful condition, doctor says reduce his intake of red meat and sea food, my friend should have gone for a second opinion, but did not, comes home repeats this to the wife, the wife, dutiful, cooks him vegetable every day – the result he is just coming out from dehydration caused by his system that refused to accept the regime of vegetables and protested by purging my friends gut out.
Our good doctor should get another doctor’s opinion, either Samy Vellu goes or MIC goes. Good luck doctor. 


Dr Subra: March 8 an awakening

RK Anand | Mar 22, 08 4:26am

What had unraveled on March 8 will be discussed even decades from now. This was the day the Barisan Nasional (BN) fortress cracked.

The date is also significant for MIC since it marked the party’s worst ever performance in half a century.

A party that was accustomed to the sweetness of victory was suddenly forced to taste the bitterness of defeat in 18 of its 28 seats. 

MIC’s future and relevance have since come under intense scrutiny.

mic candidates announcement 220208 happyIts leaders however believe that MIC will rise again. And one such leader is secretary-general Dr S Subramaniam.

The doctor’s prognosis is that while the wound is deep, the ailing party can – with the right treatment – be nursed back to health.

Subramaniam is the new Indian representative in the cabinet after nearly three decades. He joins the elite fraternity as the human resources minister after veteran party president and former works minister S Samy Vellu was vanquished in his stronghold.

On his first day in office at the administrative capital of Putrajaya yesterday, Subramaniam spoke to Malaysiakini about his appointment, the status of MIC and its future.

Great expectations

The polls, according to him, not only bore testimony to the political awakening of the Indian community, but also served to jolt MIC and its leaders.

To deny that the recent events had no effect will be nothing short of a fallacy, he said, adding that the party is now changing, re-equipping and re-organising its strategies to face the challenges that lay ahead.

Subramaniam is also well aware of the community’s expectations of him as the sole Indian cabinet member, a position which he never – even in his ‘wildest dreams’ – had expected to land.

dr s subramaniam interview 210308 05“My initial reaction was that it was a responsibility bestowed because of a rather unfortunate situation. I have prepared myself physically and mentally to meet up to the new challenges. I am sure I will fulfill the role effectively,” he said.

“Of course there are expectations from the community that being the sole Indian representative in the cabinet that I will be vocalising their aspirations and future towards their satisfaction.

“I am completely aware of that need and in this present circumstance, the representation must not only be done, but the results of this representation must be felt by the people…if we were to have an impact on the future political direction of the Indian community.”

The wildfire

On what caused the MIC to suffer heavy losses in the general election, the party secretary-general listed several factors.

With time not in their favour, he said, the party had tried in vain to contain the ‘wildfire’ which engulfed the Indian community.

“There were grievances within the Indian community, we were aware of it. We have represented these grievances and there have been responses from the government. But there was a growing perception in the community of a feeling of unfairness,” he explained.

In the past, Subramaniam said, the party was able manage this feeling by explaining the situation to the community as well as “living with it and progressing along with it.”

hindraf british petition rally 251107 malaysian flags“But the events which occurred in the last few months provoked a section of the community to question everything which was enforced before. When they did that, whatever that we (MIC) have done did not appear sufficient or adequate as far as their subjective assessment went.”

After this force was triggered, Subramaniam said, the sentiments were exploited by the opposition for political mileage.

“They amplified it, they spread it…so it became a wildfire like thing and our attempts to contain it by meeting the people and targetted groups…probably met with some success, but I think there was not enough time between the onset of these events and the calling of the elections for us to overcome all this.

“So when we went into the elections, we knew we will lose some seats but not as many as what we lost. We knew probably in Penang and Kedah, we would have problems in those areas because of the ground feeling. But we never thought we would lose all seats in Perak, that came as a shock.”

Younger generation

Subramaniam also conceded that MIC lost much support among the younger generation of voters, especially those with access to the alternative media.

“They were exposed to a lot of information that was negative to the ruling government. I think here Barisan Nasional as a whole…we failed to provide alternate information to what was being produced by our opponents.

“So that generation got influenced by one set of information that was available to them. I think a great proportion of that generation would have voted against us,” he said, adding that this was also revealed in the party’s analysis of the voting trends.

Apart from turning their backs on MIC, he said the younger generation also influenced their elders – who were traditional supporters of the party – to cast their ballots for the opposition.

“For example in my area, children who went back home from KL to vote affected their parents who were strong supporters of us by telling them things to the contrary … it was a wave,” he said, adding that modern technology helped to propel this wave.

Divisive components

To regain lost ground, Subramaniam stated that MIC must look into several factors.

subramaniam samy vellu and micOne of them being unifying the community by bringing the various divisive components – such as former deputy president S Subramaniam’s faction and the splinter Indian Progressive Front (IPF) groups – back into the fold.

Next, is targeting the younger generation. This, Subramaniam said, requires a complete new set of strategies.

“This will include the usage of the alternative media, fully and effectively. So the younger generation will be exposed to information on whatever we are doing and the aspirations of the party and the community as well as opening the doors to them.

“There was this complaint that MIC never made any attempts to bring in new people,” he said. “The party will now work towards becoming more open and attractive.”

He assured that nobody will be prevented from playing an active role in the party.

According to Subramaniam, another weakness which requires focus is MIC branches.

“Our party structure is state, division and branch. State is the coordinating body, divisions is where the power base is now. Branches is where the connectivity with the grassroots is.

“We found that at the branch level, we have been weakened. We want to strengthen the branches so that the branches are active and have members who are relevant…to create the connectivity between MIC and the local community,” he said.

Temple demolitions

The MIC leader also stressed on the need for the party to resolve issues which he described as being “core to the heart.” This includes temple demolitions.

rimba jaya temple 021107 back portion“We have discussed (this issue) and the government is completely aware. We want to regularise this thing so that events of that kind do not come forth again.

“Tamil schools is another emotive issue. The education minister (Hishammuddin Hussein) has given word to us, even prior to the elections, that he will resolve issues pertaining to partially-aided and fully-aided Tamil schools so that Tamil schools will have adequate funding.

“So these are agendas that we will be following very passionately to ensure that these things are resolved to the satisfaction of the community, so that the community will feel that we still are representing its aspirations and feelings,” he said.

As for the younger generation, Subramaniam said the party will look into training, employment and their future.

“(In) government service employment, we are already seeing a trend towards a small group of non-Malays. I want to attract more Indian youths to participate in the training programmes which are available here (human resources ministry) so that their skills levels will increase. With this, their employability and income will increase.

“By providing them with adequate training, higher skills and higher employment (opportunities), I feel that the core issues facing the youth can be addressed,” he added.

Subramaniam believes that if MIC can resolve the main problems that plague the community as well as help elevate their living standards, the party will be able to gain their trust.



  1. Q: What can be worse than MIC with Samy Vellu?
    A: MIC with two Samy Vellus

  2. Hey man, I like your story telling style. Well you are riight. Samy has to go. CAn’t see why he is still there. Boy he must have a lot of kerbau skin, so thick, don’t even feel anymore what people are saying…

    and the good doctor better be careful eh? Don’t be samy clone. Someone might just shoot him inside the lift or something…very dangerous.

    I had Indian widows, poor people who saved their money , they came crying to me, with tears and betel-nut chew-stains etc. cos i was at the estates, and they ranted away about Maika and Samy Velu etc. asking me to do something for them… I really pitied them but what could i do? Samy, you should see them crying…samy, hear their cry…

    I know what samy can do… open his coffers and give away his money…before some ACA guy comes and takes it away…at least people will remember him for his first and last good gift to the Indians whom he purportedly represent but did not.

    Samy give your money away like a god, go to the Twin Towers and throw your ringgit down…you might be more famous…

  3. Dear GV,

    One is bad enough……..having two ha,ha,ha. Somebody suggested make MIC a NGO, it may end up that way soon, if Samy clings on.

  4. Dear LoveMalaysiaRakyat,

    The curses of the poor people will surely haunt Samy Vellu, for a long time.

  5. The price of freedom might be eternal vigilance, but for the community’s sake please first be vigilant of your own assumptions and prejudices!

    This entire article above is a rebuttal of what, some general statements that Dr. Subramaniam’s made? And on the comments we have Samy being painted as outright evil. Please, do we really need this type of oversimplified hate mongering at this moment?

    We, the Indian community, have not won the elections. We, with the assistance of our brothers and sisters of other races, have merely replaced the people who represented us. But the new team is just another team. They are untested politicians who havent been in the middle of various pressure groups before. And they will need to be watched as carefully as we would watch BN, lest they become another BN.

    MIC was thrashed in the elections. This is a good lesson for them. Let the humbled beast now attempt to redeem itself. If you and I want to help, tell MIC what they need to do, how they need to change. If they fail, MIC disappears. If they succeed, we then have an alternative group, in the event the Barisan Rakyat fails. I for one would like at least two groups competing to serve/represent the community.

    So, let us give contructive proposals with strategic value to the community. It is the best interest of our community that should be in our minds.

  6. YES!! Now we have 2 Samy Vellu in MIC. Now MIC 2X arrogant, 2X injustice, 2X MAIKA. 2X bully. My sympathy to the Indians. Hopefully Penang’s DCM2 can help them.

  7. Thank you Nadunilai,

    As your name suggests, you are very neutral and I appreciate your comments.

    The assumptions you imply, lacks substance for the simple reason, the track record of MIC is far from satisfactory. It is a one man party headed by Samy Vellu, and his lieutenants or second line of defense are puppets forever bidding the whims of the head. They have no voice, of their own, just the Master’s Voice. No dissent is allowed. Govindaraj, Pandithan, Subra and many more including Bharat Maniam who questioned the issue of Telecoms shares, were deprived of their rights and now are in obscurity. Samy is a blatant liar playing on the sentiments of Indians and forever misleading them and as a leader looks on Tamils as something contagious, use them and discard them. Some of the statements made by him after the Hindraf affair confirm this. He was caught with his pants down but instead of making amends, he went on the defensive losing the respect of Indians and showing his true colours.

    I have no quarrel with the new MP, but his statements are the echoes of Samy Vellu. This is the main element of my blog.

    Down and out, Samy Vellu still wants to dominate, without any regrets that the position of MIC is solely the result of his inefficiency. As long as he remains, I don’t see much future in MIC.

  8. Dear malaysian,

    You thing so? Professor Ramasamy will be outclassed and conned by the present leadership. The old must go, and a new set-up must be in place to rejuvenate the party to an accepted level.

  9. Dear samygoanjadi,

    I am holding back both your comments. Please tell me why do you feel this way?

  10. Any community will sincerely perceive
    What it publicly actually receives
    Those in authority can no longer deceive
    By selling ideas that they conveniently conceive

    (C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250308
    Tue. 25th March 2008.

  11. Mr Nadu is right.The value of something is not always obvious from what we see on the surface, so we should save our judgments until we have seen it all.All these assumptions aren’t gonna justify the truth.Give him a chance and some time.Just because he may be the successor of the party doesnt mean that he has to ‘morph’ himself into his predecessor.
    Continuity maintains old roots, change gives us branches, letting us stretch and grow and reach new heights.

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