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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Aggrieved Tun Dr Mahathir urges Ku Li to challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!

Tun Dr Mahathir aggrieved with the political situation urges Ku Li to the rescue!

Ku Li can engage the Malay opposition when facing common enemies!

Hey people!
My deep cover source in Pak Lah’s camp confirmed that this prime minister is feeling it so bad already to realize that his one wish to resign will not and can never be achieved, but unless he “drops” dead!
“He is so, so afraid of his inner circle that he cannot even dare to utter the word resign,” this source said. I was also told that when he found out Ku Li was going to mount a challenge him at the next Umno elections he started to wheeze.
Other reliable source also told me it was Tun Mahathir who prompted Ku Li to mount a challenge on Dollah Badawi in view of the critical last general elections that saw BN component parties, which includes Umno, being defeated so bad that it prompted Ku Li to say, as quoted by the NST: “Haven’t Umno members realised we’ve lost five states? Are they all still sleeping.”
Then Mahathir had met with Ku Li and it was then decided that the latter must challenge Dollah to save Umno and Malays from falling over into a political oblivion.
Ku Li’s camp said the post of the deputy president will not be touched as it will belong to Najib for sure!
In view of this recent development, in supporting Ku Li, I have now decided to forgive Mahathir for his major faux pas in choosing Dollah Badawi as his deputy that have lead the country into a political turmoil where DAP has now the power to even ridicule the Malay sultanate system!
A bit of a cheers today.

BarkingMagpie: Aggrieved Tun Dr Mahathir urges Ku Li to challenge Abdullah Ahmad Badawi!


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