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Dear PKR members and supporters

Allow me to congratulate you on your hard work with DAP and PAS that has led you to capture 6 states ( including WPKL) in Peninsular Malaysia. Your dedication and hard work had pays off. All of you deserved the victory. I assume and I hope that the reason that you have been active in PKR is because you believe in its struggle.

Many of PKR members are actually disgruntled UMNO members. Why are they so unhappy … well there is many reason to it. Some didn’t like the way UMNO run the country, others don’t like what they did to Anwar and many because they were not rewarded enough while they were in UMNO. Many people joins political party with certain expectations. When their expectations are not met, they will switch camps.

On the local scene in Bukit Antarabangsa, it was quite a surprise for me when I saw some of my neighbours who were gung-ho supporters of UMNO in 2004 election, suddenly change colours. In 2004, they provide transport to ferry voters, they put up the flags and manned the various “pondok panas” for UMNO and it is the same people today that are doing it for PKR. I ask some of this people on why they switch camp and I get a mixed response but mostly the underlying message they were not rewarded financially from UMNO.

For PKR to survive and promote a clear multiracial and pure ideologies, it needs to make sure the members that joins the party do so with the right reasons. There is no point taking in opportunist that will eventually destroy the party. Today PKR is the bridge between PAS and DAP and it is hope that one day that there will be one strong party whose members shares a commonly acceptable ideologies. The members are responsible to ensure that the party leadership toe the line and stick to the principles of the party. The party leadership must not use dubious means to ensure that they meet the party goals. They must use the right and honorable approach and this will ensure the long term development of a healthy party.

Today, in Ampang and in many areas, PKR is opening up branches to recruit members. Many people came forward to help PKR by “investing” in the form of tent, food, meeting space in a restaurant (+a round of food on the house). How many of these people are sincerely honest. I was told that the operator of a big mamak restaurant in Bukit Antarabangsa has been lobbying Azmin and his PKR friends to sit on the board of Ampang Municipal Council. He now provides his business premises as a place for PKR leadership to campaign and to thank the public. What PKR is doing is actually copying UMNO culture.

In UMNO, if you sponsor a few things here and there and once people remembers you, then you will be rewarded in the forms of power, money and business. This is what exactly is happening. Now the Restaurant Operator in BA has been “investing” in PKR heavily, he expects to be rewarded. What happens if you do not reward him? He will become an enemy from within. This and many of other people of this nature will kill the party. For the information of the readers, the owner of this restaurant has escaped many actions from MPAJ previously even though repeated complains were made to the local authorities previously for using the 5 foot way for its business, using the parking lot as a place for his customers, cooking in the 5 foot way and many more. There is enough rules and regulations on business to be conducted. Here is a man who gets away by breaking every law in the city. Is this the kind of people that now PKR wants to consider to sit on MPAJ local council? I hope not.

I believe PKR top brains must change its strategies in order to meet its goals. The strength does not necessarily lies in numbers. The strength today lies in the Information Distribution which I believe is the main reason why PKR alliances won handsomely. Without doubt, the party needs members but it must not accept people that jump from one boat to the other. It must find new strategy in recruiting and trying to push its agenda.

My discussion with many friends shows that we feel that there is no need for PKR to set up so many branches in every “Taman”, kampungs etc. It can push its agenda via the local council, respectable NGO’s, Parent Teachers Associations, Resident Associations and many other organizations similar to this. People who volunteers for a non political and social activities are the best people. These people know that kind of association cannot reward them in anyway. They are honest and sincere. The same goes with Resident Associations. They are doing volunteer work. They don’t get paid. PKR should engage this people and work with them in spreading their good work and ideologies. They will less likely to ask for something in return compared to those people who has been investing and sponsoring the party. Even if they were to ask for something it will not be for their personal gains but rather for their associations which would then benefit their members who are actually the “Rakyat”.

PKR and its alliances must look at new method of appointing local authorities. I suggest that it should look at selection criteria professionally and membership to the party is not a must. They must not take people who ask and has been lobbying the party to join its local council. As currently there is a restriction in the laws on the local council elections, I suggest that local the state government advertise this position in the media.

Those who wish to serve will apply formally and there is no need to use back door connections. Determine a quantifiable criteria selecting a council member. This kind of actions and many other transparent decision making will actually strengthen the party. People are more educated now days. They now use their senses and computers in making a decision. These are the kind of people that PKR and its allies must focus and win their hearts.

I do hope and pray PKR and its alliances will form one party. This party will focus on the people as its agenda. Look at good common values in each individual parties and use them in the new party. Insya’allah ( With God Grace), a new agenda for Malaysia will prevail. The members of PKR must monitor the actions of their leadership. They must provide the check and balance in the party, to ensure that the party stays true to its cause.

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