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Kayveas: Cabinet should have 2 Indians

PPP president M Kayveas believes that Barisan Nasional (BN)) could have won back support from the Indian community should two full cabinet ministers be appointed from the community.

kayveas ppp pc 120308 sullen“I would have thought that having two Indians as full ministers would bring some confidence in the community’s support for Barisan,” he said when contacted for comments on the new cabinet lineup.

It is believed that the majority of Indian voters cast their ballots against the BN in the recently concluded general election for ignoring the community’s woes over the years.

“If there is no people in MIC, PPP or Gerakan, an outsider could still be appointed. That would be my suggestion,” said Kayveas, who was also defeated in the Taiping parliamentary seat.

“Maybe its still too early to judge. But the prime minister knows what is best. Hopefully, the new cabinet lineup would boost Barisan’s popularity again,” he added.

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Why must Indians have the misfortune of bearing with fools like Kayveas, his intention which even a child can comprehend. He makes me sick. He wants himself to be there, using the name of Indians, and here he is pleading and carrying the proverbial beggars bowl that he will be the second Indian in power and this will make Indians change over night and make Badawi happy.

Have not the Indians punished enough by MIC and the erstwhile Samy Vellu, Samy could have done something, but he by his statement had to play up to the Malays to make sure he was there. This statement is a bit old, but his intentions are clear. Is Kayveas doing a Samy’s act, Samy is very much senior to you and he has failed.

The best you can do for the Indians now, is to leave them alone. They have voted and let us see how the newly elected people are going to look after Indians. You have no right to talk about the Indians, straight and simple, MIC claimed that and they lost, please come out with something new.


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